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Practice What You Preach - "God don't make no junk"

Practice What You Preach – “God don’t make no junk” …By Gary Hays

It’s diversion time. A mind incapable of rest, coupled with an overabundance of empty time, is a short fused time bomb on the highway to Meltdown Avenue. 1,189 more words


We stand in fear of the angry men,

Marked with an insignia on their countenance,

The emblem of the monarchy,

They claim to prevent anarchy. 219 more words


Feeling inspired...

Moments of actual inspiration are hard to come by.  

I do feel constantly bombarded by negativity.  If it’s not sexism, it’s racism, or homophobia, or rubbish about body image, or what food to eat, or how to be a better feminist, or advocate, or philanthropist. 386 more words


Hysterical Blindness

Hysterical Blindness

there’s hysteria sweeping across the land

which we fail to see, or we dismiss out of hand

a rabid fear that makes us blind, to all that we can be… 70 more words

Working women

Women earn only 18% of computer science degrees, according to an article in the Communications of the ACM. Author Tom Geller talked with a number of people to try to discover why women are underrepresented in technical positions. 15 more words

Women in Games

Matt Lees makes some really great observations about the way women are being treated in the gaming industry in this video.

The way that Anita Sarkeesian has been treated is absolutely intolerable and dreadful, and unfortunately, not uncommon. 147 more words