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Horse Tales: My Human's Trials and Tribulations

As I was saying in my previous post, Perse first saw me in a pamphlet her family was discussing at dinner instead of doing the dishes. 1,242 more words


What The Heck...

As you can tell I’m not used to the blogging way of life. I really want to share myself and Red’s journey with the world, so here’s my half assed attempt.  97 more words

Canadian Experiences

Winter Wonderland

Today was a cold, cold day. Yesterday was a nice -13 and little wind. Today was a big turn around and ended up being -28 (including the windchill)! 255 more words


Herd life: managing the needs of all

My first horse Ed cannot be turned out alone – when he is physically separated from other horses, even if he has clear sight to them, he gets extremely anxious and weaves non stop.   476 more words


Top of the Frame

There are times when a horse jumps higher than I expect. :-)
Captured at the Bromont International, Quebec, Canada. July 2014


Compare and Improve

I’m currently teaching a young teenager about riding her pony, shifting our focus from her position and correct aids to how well her pony is going. 615 more words