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A matter of loyalty between horse and rider - my lesson in loyalty

Right, so today’s post is more on the serious side of horse riding than the stuff I usually post about. Please take the time to read it, as it could enrich your life in a way which I had to figure out by myself. 579 more words


getting better...!

This week’s lesson was awesome!  (I also got to try out the Ariat sunshirt that I got!)

Atlanta moved pretty forward during our warm up, which was really good since she tends to be really lazy and a little sticky during the warm up.   428 more words


Wyoming Recreational Safety Act

Wyo. Stat. Ann. §§ 1-1-121 to 1-1-123

§ 1-1-121.Recreation Safety Act; short title.

This act shall be known and may be cited as the “ 417 more words


lesson from last week...

Another lesson post… Sorry for being gone for a bit.  I did have a lesson two weeks ago but I never got around to writing about it. 388 more words


Avoiding Habit Pitfalls

Recently, I was riding a horse who is building stamina after an injury. Part of his regimen includes trotting for 15 minutes in each direction. Because he’s not asked to collect or bend right now, I decided to work on my own position. 405 more words


The Myth About Adjustable Saddles

An article came up on my newsfeed during the week about the problems of adjustable saddles.
Seeing as I am a recent convert to changeable gullets I had a minor panic. 447 more words