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Your credit history can make or break your small business

Luis O De la Hoz, Vice President Lending Team at The Intersect Fund, addressed important issues related to access to non-traditional funding for small businesses at the Hispanic Chamber of e-Commerce Google Hangout. 390 more words

Pushing Back on Debt

I never wanted this blog to be about anything negative or political, but this morning I feel so strongly about something I feel like I need to write about it. 580 more words


Canadians carrying more debt but paying it off on time

An article in thestar.com says that Canadians were carrying more debt in the second quarter of 2014 than a year earlier but they’re also doing a better job of paying it off on time. 217 more words

Free Credit & Identity Theft Protection from Home Depot

Due to the recent breach of credit card information at Home Depot stores, Home Depot is having a similar offer that Target had last year that is open to customers who may have used their credit card at Home Depot since April. 143 more words

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Opening the Hood on Auto Credit Scores

You’ve accessed your credit scores in preparation for buying a vehicle. You’ve done everything in your power to get your scores as high as possible. Then you sit down with your lender only to be told they use something called “auto credit scores.” No need to get flustered. 492 more words


Infographic: Debt levels jump sharply east of Ontario

Fresh figures published Thursday show consumers in provinces east of Ontario have ratcheted up debt loads this year, even if they’re among the least able to afford the added burden. 406 more words


News stats..Higher debt, but lower defaults

Saw this article today about higher consumer debt levels BUT lower defaults.   Equifax Canada is quoted as saying that consumer debt rose by 7.2% in  the second quarter 2014 to $1.45 trillion ,compared with $1.35 trillion from a year ago. 442 more words

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