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Thought I better post something so here you go: A photo from a few months ago of Boety and I :) He’s pretty fab at the minuet! :D
Gina and Boe xxx

What I have learnt from massaging horses

Easter is a time of reflection for when I give thanks and review my world.

I wrote this article over a decade ago and I am learning from each horse (and most humans) in my life.   1,744 more words


Through exploring +R, I’ve been introduced to manypeople who train their horses this way. Some are puritans and some mix +R with -R. There’s arguments for and against on either side but so long as it works for you and your horse, it is not our place to judge. 1,184 more words

+r Training

The Functioning of the Frog and the Digital Cushion

With kind permission of Easycare Trelawne Equine’s blog takes a look at the functioning of the frog and the digital cushion in our latest blog. 424 more words

Trelawne Equine

Yay! I photographed my first horse

Thanks to a very good friend I was able to gain some different photography experience, by photographing her horse.  It was a complete first for me, but had a real blast.   15 more words


Connecticut House: Horses are NOT "Inherently Vicious"

Connecticut politicians move to legislate the truth about equines

Recent press reports indicate that the members of Connecticut’s House of Representatives want to make it perfectly clear that they don’t believe horses are inherently vicious; a definitive response to a recent Connecticut state court ruling. 158 more words

Horse News

Where there's a Willy there's a Way #equine #foal

It’s confirmed. The vet very kindly donned a shoulder length glove to confirm Eva’s pregnancy the old fashioned way.
Her beau, last spring, overcame their height difference (he’s a hand shorter than her) and an outdoor rug for a bit of field jumping romance. 14 more words