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the long and short of it

the good news?  i’ve been adding more distance to my runs.

the bad news?  i’m not running as often as i want to lately (although my mileage per week remains the same). 514 more words


Fabi-OMG! Romance Novel Model Fabio Caught Working Out In A Thong

Fabio Lanzoni loves to work out, but on a recent trip to his local gym he gave onlookers quite an eyeful. Click through the photos to see his interesting workout wear.



It was way better than I expected. Four egg whites (hard boiled), low sodium turkey and dijon mustard. I added the mustard since I needed some kind of sauce. 12 more words


Unravelling the Weave of Time, Part the 4th

Assumptions and bias where you might not expect.

with the discovery of the patterns in daylight, I played around a lot with the images. It illustrated how heavily our cultural bias is weighed by the perspective of the northern hemisphere – not the southern, or even the tropics, or the high arctic. 330 more words

Calendar Reform