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Not learning to surf in Hawaii

I had some pretty grand plans about learning to surf when I was in Hawaii. Or at least giving stand up paddle boarding a go. 479 more words

USA 2014

Backbending Workshop with Chloe Porter at Equinox

My friend Chloe is one of those people who is constantly on the move, travelling and teaching yoga around the world. So when she put on her Facebook that she was going to be briefly in London to teach a workshop I thought I’d better take my opportunity to see her, and when I realised that it was to be at uber swanky Kensington gym… 614 more words

Vancouver From the North Shore Last Week

                                                                   Fall is Here :]

Today was  a bit better weather in Richmond

At sundown a Cruse ship Leaves Vancouver Harbor

The  Cruse Ship …  Smoking The pipe out of Vancouver. 155 more words

Vancouver British Columbia

The Wizard's Homecoming

It’s a far gone lullaby, sung many years ago;
Mama, mama, many worlds I’ve come
Since I first left home.
Going home, going home,
By the waterside I will rest my bones,

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Equinox through Blood Moon Eclipse Passages: Revealing the Shift ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

Equinox through Blood Moon Eclipse Passages: Revealing the Shift

Everything has changed – again.

The Equinox through the Blood Moon Eclipse passage brings a deepening of the Solar Cosmic Christ that is somewhat unexplainable in linear terms. 2,474 more words

Sandra Walter

Oh no. Fall is here.

Once Fall arrives and the chill hits the air I get a bit melancholy, my natural optimism flags a bit, and I think what folly it is to believe we have much control over many things. 596 more words

Dateline: Boston