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Mixed Betwixt

I perspirate across the floor
And shiver as I get the door
In sweater, shorts and extra socks
To answer when the equinox.



Leaves changing
Their palette to the
Most charming shades
Of orange and crimson,
Each morning, the sun
Sleeps in just a little bit
Longer, and the cold… 24 more words

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An Equinox for my Soul

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, was the Autumnal Equinox. On this day, the day is equal to the night. After today, the days will become shorter as we welcome winter. 417 more words


Spirit Of Autumn 2014

Once again the seasons change. Today, the last full day of Summer. Tomorrow, the transition into Autumn.

I honoured the directions.

I set out my intention to journey into this Season of Autumn with the Power Animal(s) and/or Teachers In Human Form who could best help me, in order to find out about the moods, the energies, the dynamics, the spirits, the powers and the powers all together for this coming season. 455 more words


Happy Equinox

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy equinox. I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never.


Autumnal Equinox and Spirituality

The language of the Cosmos is based in simplicity. One of the basic shamanic principles is the principle of the point and the line. The point is the center (nucleus) of each celestial body and the line is the path of the energetic connection (a kind of dialogue) between center points in other celestial bodies. 473 more words


First Day of Fall and Beef Stew

“There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!” 680 more words

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