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#DoingJim #LookFitNaked

I did it! I went after work and burned 500 calories! I couldn’t stretch or enjoy my shower because I had to rush to pick up Bear. :(


Corndon & some fantastic clouds.

My favourite photo from yesterday is this panorama of Corndon and Stapeley Common. I love the way the clouds form their own horizon.


Rosmerta, a week before the Kalends

The Kalends of each month (i.e. the first day) is sacred to Juno, the Ides (around the middle) to Jupiter. The Nones (in the first quarter of the month) is not sacred to a particular deity as such, though the Nones of a given month may be sacred to this deity or that as much as any other day can. 317 more words

Love triangle

My love triangle, different of sorts.

Both wise beyond their years, working as the greatest team.

Brave and strong with nothing to fear, just like salmon swimming upstream. 174 more words


#DoingJim @Equinox

Saturday was a busy day and I knew if I wanted to get a workout in, I would have to go first thing in the am. 8 more words


Adjusting back to life in LA

Well I must say the adjustment back to life in LA has not been easy. I mean every time I want to sleep through the night I wake up at 4 am in a panic. 676 more words


the long and short of it

the good news?  i’ve been adding more distance to my runs.

the bad news?  i’m not running as often as i want to lately (although my mileage per week remains the same). 514 more words