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Florida Divorce: Am I Responsible for My Spouse's Student Loan Debt?

For many people, student loan debt is one of the largest liabilities they incur in life.  If you pursue graduate education, this debt can potentially exceed the mortgage on your home.   1,658 more words

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I'm getting married! But what if it doesn't work... Will my spouse get all my money and all my stuff???

Well first of all, congratulations! Preparing to get married is a very exciting time. But when you stop and think about all the implications of marriage, it can put a damper on the excitement. 863 more words


Equitable Distribution: The Marital Interest in a Non-Marital Property or Premarital Home

As couples marry later in life or have second marriages, one or both of the parties may already own a home. As a result, in many divorce cases, the parties live in a home owned solely by one of the parties.   570 more words

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What’s in a Will?

A Will is a document served to dispose of a Testator’s estate upon his or her demise. A Will can devise a Testator’s property, both real and personal; it can appoint a guardian for a Testator’s minor children in the event of his or her demise; and it can also dispose of the residue of the estate not otherwise bequeathed. 199 more words


Your Last Will & Testament

Stop debating as to whether or not you need a Will. Chances are, if you are over the age of 21, you should have one; if you have children, you need one; and if you wish to devise your property in a specific fashion, it is necessary. 171 more words



As we approach tax season, the question of whether or not to file a joint return with your spouse becomes a particularly important consideration if you are contemplating a divorce. 113 more words


I just want a divorce.... Why do I need a lawyer? All I have to do is file some paperwork, right?

Sure, filing some paperwork gets the divorce process started; and it could be as simple as filing some paperwork if there are no other issues to resolve. 790 more words