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The Law of Gravity within the Stock Market.....

An apple falling from a tree assisted Sir Issac Newton in his theory of gravity. Even in the remotest corner of the world, everyone understands the law of gravity. 511 more words

Ricky's Opinion

Another pig gets Slaughtered on Heavy Volume.

September 30, 2014 Detroit, MI

“RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. (RADA) confirms that there are no material undisclosed corporate developments that might account for the recent unusual trading activity of the Company’s shares or the increase in market price….”

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The single, best way to tell whether stocks are worth it

Investors have come down with a case of the jitters, and for a good reason.

Since September 22, the Dow has careened through three days of 100 point-plus losses. 708 more words


Foreigners own most of Germany's DAX

Who owns the DAX, Germany’s pre-eminent equity index?

Not many Germans, it turns out. According to fresh research from the Bundesbank, the share of domestic ownership of the index—which comprises the 30 largest public companies in traded in the equities markets—fell from 44.1% in 2005 to 36.3% in 2014. 120 more words

An Epic Optimism that Can Be Reversed Only by a Huge Bear Market

By Elliott Wave International

Editor’s note: The following article was republished here with permission from the co-editors of the September issue of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast… 922 more words

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GoPro Keeps Rising to New Highs

September 29, 2014 Detroit, MI

“In previous years, we were growing the company very quickly. We still are growing quickly … but we’re better positioned this year than ever before…

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