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Linking economic growth to equity growth

Economic growth may one day turn out to be a curse rather than a good, and under no conditions can it either lead into freedom or constitute proof for its existence – Hannah Arendt…

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Why U.S. Stock Price Rise IS a Bubble -- Beware

Why U.S. Stock Price Rise IS a Bubble — Beware

By Shlomo  Maital

  The Standard & Poor 500, the broad index of Americna stocks, has set new records this summer.  286 more words

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YHOO - Long (Update)

Today wasn’t such as great day for my account, I was closed out at a price of 4156.4 ($41.56) with a loss of £67. The drop had me exceed my margin where City Index had closed out my position. 114 more words


3 ways to protect a portfolio against downside risks

Tail risk hedging seems to be a popular topic at the moment, why?

Markets are at highs, but plenty of risks remain. While equity markets have rallied considerably in recent years – The equity market (as measured by the MSCI World Index) is up over 30% since Mario Draghi proclaimed the ECB had “removed tail risk for Europe” in September 2012  –  with only short periods of losses (relative to history) and low levels of volatility, there are plenty of macro risks out there that could threaten stability. 837 more words

Stock Market & US Economy Mini-booms Ending

In an important client update this month, David Ranson, president and head of research for Wainwright Economics, advised that the US mini-boom is coming to an end. 155 more words

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A GPS update for your portfolio

Recently I went through the process of purchasing a map update for my GPS (yes, I realize there are phone apps that provide GPS directions … a discussion of my technology choices is not the focus of this particular blog!). 760 more words


The Big Picture: Equities have been the best bet in Indian context

We have always propounded equities as the asset class to be in over a long period of time. Equities provide you instant liquidity and tracking abilities. 609 more words

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