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Retrieval Day!!!

On pain meds and snuggling with my pug following this morning’s retrieval.

Today went better than expected. This whole stimming process was a bit different anyways since my previous/regular doctor is on some tropical island somewhere so I had a different one this time around. 124 more words


Why You Should Always Write "Amputate This One"

The other night, some friends and I were discussing emergency room horror stories (which is actually pretty redundant and could just be called “emergency room stories” since they’re all horrible) and I recalled this little charmer from my days working on a college campus. 572 more words


Reviving the recently dead

David Casarett is enthusiastic about the emerging technologies that are allowing doctors to save patients who would have been a lost cause in the very recent past.

450 more words

My Rockin' Saturday Night

As the events of Saturday evening unfolded, I kept hearing Whigfield’s 90s anthem in my head, and thinking, “I doubt this is what she had in mind.” 1,209 more words

A Hard Lesson Learned

Yesterday was a bad day. It started out as a great day, but I’ve learned that things can change very quickly. Before I go on, I need to say that I honestly didn’t want to post about this as I feel very ashamed of myself. 968 more words


Overcrowding in the ER


State of Emergency

By Emily Newhook

Whether you’re suffering from a broken bone or a life-threatening illness, a trip to the emergency room is always a scary prospect. 255 more words

Practice Management

From Mussels to Morphine

My weeklong vacation went something like this:

Beach chairs to back aches
Jugs of sangria to bags of saline

S’mores to sores
Crispy chips to numbing chills… 69 more words