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Social Media in the new push for the ERA

You can begin your involvement with Katrina’s Dream and the national push for the ERA by hooking into these social media outlets:

@Katrinas_Dream :  Hashtags to save and watch… 283 more words


Vocaloid Set // Kasane Teto Head

Hey minna! Neku* here, with another head. Wow, have I been pretty busy..

Anyway, I got to make a head right before I got ready for night school.. 82 more words


NOV 8: St. Louis Rally and Prayer Vigil

By joining the Facebook Event listed below, you can join on the phone conferences with legislators, the Twitter storms, and on-the-ground events. This groundswell is growing in Helene’s wake, and 1000s of activists all across the unratified states are pushing hard on Congress and their state legislatures to RATIFY ERA! 176 more words



An eon stretches between
What is and what could have been,
An era stretches between
What should have been said and what was
A whole lifetime stretches between… 211 more words


Willamette Week Endorses Oregon ERA Ballot Measure 89

Measure 89

Equal Rights Amendment: YES

It has been 41 years since Oregon lawmakers ratified the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The idea of making it explicit that a person’s sex should be no barrier to civil freedoms had been around since 1923 but gained strength in the women’s rights movement of the 1960s and ’70s. 264 more words



Out of the laments of a million desperate singers

Out of the solitary souls of a million poets

There comes the rhythm of lives,

Some say of valor, others of sadness… 63 more words


Ready or Not, The Jetsons Era is Near: Merging of Technologies in the Automotive and Aviation Industry

Are we just a few years away from the “Jetsons Era”? Well guess what, we might just be. A company by the name of Terrafugia, which means ‘Escape to Earth’, is about to take the future of technology within the Automotive and Aviation Industry to a whole other level. 399 more words