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Mismocielo está de cumpleaños!

Extraoficialmente estoy de cumpleaños! Un año desde el día en el que me subí en el avión y estaba hecha una bolita de nervios pre viaje, no sabía en lo que me había metido…y sin dudas no tenía idea de las locuras en las que me iba a meter, personas alucinantes que iba a conocer, y otras con las que me iba a reencontrar. 1,238 more words

Erasmus Mundus Philippines Pre-Departure Orientation 2014

These three-weeks-in-the-Philippines haven’t been all fun and relaxation, I did make an appearance at the Erasmus Mundus Pre-Departure Orientation for the new Filipino scholars. Admittedly all I contributed to the event was my presence and input as a current student, the bulk of the work fell on the shoulders of Tita Thelma Geocolea our dearest mother-hen at the European Delegation, … 214 more words

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My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I reviewed my online transaction history. Being a student in a foreign land implores watchfulness bordering on paranoia regarding one’s financial state, and imagine my horror when a significant amount of money suddenly disappeared through a transaction made somewhere in Gibraltar. 412 more words

Erasmus Mundus

43 hours of daylight

So after two full months of visa-related stress and beachcombing in Philippine waters, I am back in dear Scotland. As with all other things beautiful and worthwhile, the 40-hour journey took its toll on my good spirits and human will to go on. 424 more words

Erasmus Mundus

Packing & Planning

Anyone who has known me for a few weeks, or at least has been inside my apartment, knows about my tendencies to hop on the planned-spontaneity train and get easily excited about, well, anything.   573 more words



Hey guys, I’ve got some exciting news.


I’m officially flying out on August 31st, in the evening, and arriving in Aarhus, Denmark the following day. 84 more words


Erasmus Mundus: A Whole New Adventure

My senior year of undergrad, I was looking for all sorts of ways to go back to Europe. I applied for a Fulbright in Germany and Austria, a DAAD study scholarship, and a couple of journalism fellowships. 625 more words