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OMG I'm leaving demain

Bonjour à tous!

This was an article in The Evening Standard that I came across on the way back from a day trip to London last week (by the way, so weird that London is now a place that I make day trips to instead of live). 1,010 more words

Bucket List

A Potentially Pointless Post.

It’s been a couple of days since my last post and I feel like I need an amazing excuse for why I haven’t posted anything. For example- I actually packed, or I cleaned my room, or I climbed a Mount Everest, or I mastered the art of making a round roti (aka chapati if you ain’t brown). 201 more words

Study Abroad

Moved in!

I am officially now a student of University College Utrecht and have moved into my (very big and very empty) room – currently struggling to get an internet connection since I forgot an Ethernet cable. 308 more words



I was a wandering across the internet and I came across this little philosophical gem. Tetrapharmakos, known as the ‘four part cure’, is an idea by Greek philosopher Epricurus. 72 more words

One Step Bronte

Not quite the end

I realise that more than 2 months have passed since the last post was uploaded here, and in that time not a huge amount has happened with regards to Spain or my ongoing relationship with the great phenomenon known as ‘siesta’ especially considering that at work back home people who take siestas by the pool they are supposed to be lifeguarding would be considered lazy or counter productive. 414 more words


Things are slowly starting to improve in my life. Slowly. I’m starting to get to know the island a lot more, which means that I’m more confident in exploring alone. 472 more words

Accommodation Struggles

Okay, so finding somewhere to live in Germany has been harder than I originally thought! The last few weeks have been a constant roller-coaster trying to find somewhere to stay. 454 more words