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An Oldie but Goodie, A Look at Gwylan's Stand

Recently I took Erdrique through the quest, Gwylan’s Stand.  Gwylan’s Stand has been around since the release of DDO back in 2006, and it still remains to be a challenging and fun quest!!  482 more words

DDO Activities Over the Past Weekend, April 11 to 13

Well the weekend actually started off kind of slowly.  I had originally planned on logging with Cantlin (Level 10 Sorcerer) and taking him into Searing Heights… 620 more words

Sweet!! I Just Leveled...Oh Wait a Minute..

Recently, I was forced to advance Erdrique up to level 9.  During the heroic true reincarnation train, I typically bank a level in order to get the most experience I can from the lower level quests.  302 more words

Having fun with Salt Ray

There aren’t a whole lot of spells that can stun undead, at least not that I know of.  However one spell I have been having a lot of fun with lately with… 193 more words

Impressive Trip from the Razor Cat

The other day I took Erdrique (Level 8 Druid at the time) into Tangleroot Gorge to do the next two quests in the Assault on Splinterskull… 143 more words

Highlighting the Weekend Runs, April 4 to 6

Over the most recent weekend, my quest runs were dominated running Erdrique.  My weekend runs started out with typical morning slayer runs, in which I was scheduled to take Erdrique out into… 614 more words

Slow week but still a fun week, quest runs from March 31st to April 3rd

This was an abnormal week for me when it comes to my questing in DDO.  I just had a bunch of things going on this past week which prevented me from getting on as much as I normally do.  557 more words