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E-Readers V. Physical Books

As technology continues to advance at increased rates, even the simple things of life have been modified upon, including books. Today, there are an assortment of e-readers on the market that one can purchase such as Kindles and Nooks to even iPads. 58 more words

Physical Books vs. eBooks

Several years ago, I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide if I wanted to buy an eReader. My husband, who does not like to read, really wanted me to get one. 479 more words


Reading Books vs. eBooks

As someone who grew up with the rise of technology, I find myself right in the middle of the debate of…

Books vs. eBooks

… and which one do you prefer to read? 262 more words


Reading Revolution

I love to read, I really do.  Anything.  Everything.  I read every day. Emails, newspapers, other peoples blogs, posts on facebook.  Do you know, I sometimes even read books. 609 more words


Kindle Paperwhite Review

After having problems with the software on my previous eReader not being quite as compatible since I changed laptop I decided to invest in a Kindle Paperwhite. 608 more words


Mirada Creates an Origami World for the Kindle Voyage.

The teams at Mirada and Wongdoody have created an animated spot for the new Amazon Kindle Voyage. Playing off of  the ink on paper experience of a real book, they have created an animated origami technique that is used through out the spot. 39 more words


Paperbacks vs ebooks

I am a bookaholic. There, I said it!

I have loved reading since before I can remember. It is the perfect way to escape to another world where you can forget all of your own problems and completely lose yourself in someone else’s life. 742 more words