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Kindle Paperwhite Unboxing and Review, ★★★★★

My Kindle Paperwhite came on Tuesday, and spoiler alert, I’m obsessed! Which I why I’ve been gone, because with the Kindle instead of my iPad (no eye strain on the Kindle) I’ve been devouring books (well, a single, long book) like no other. 1,334 more words

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Technology and Literacy: Driving Forces of Human Innovation

While Rheingold originally examines the nature of technological innovation in his 2012 novel Mind Amplifier: Can Our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter?, it is his exploration of technology and its relationship to the power of literacy serves as a powerful educational reminder. 710 more words


The Amazing History of eReaders

With today’s liberty, we can look back to February 10, 2009 and commend on the ingenuity of Amazon’s decision to continue developing the once-already-failed Kindle and striving towards a market previously proven fruitless. 720 more words


Cover-Up Amazon Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi / 3G) e-reader Natural Hemp (Book Style) Cover Case - (Khaki Green)

A stylish, earth friendly cover made from soft and durable hemp to protect your new Amazon Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi / 3G) eReader. The lightweight case is contoured to perfectly fit the Kindle Touch’s smooth, rounded edges. 14 more words

Soundings, Water Elemental, Cover Reveal by Janine Donoho

Drum roll please…


Isn’t it gorgeous? Aren’t you excited? Me, too!

Coming soon to a bookstore and eReader near you.


I am the future Edward Snowden's mother

I am the future Edward Snowden’s mother

Back in the wonderful 1980s, when I was in junior high, my parents realized that computers were going to play a major role in everyday lives. 729 more words

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¿Qué ha pasado con Sony en el mercado de los eReaders?

Muchos usuarios de lectores electrónicos que en su día miraron y remiraron webs y tiendas buscando el mejor eBook han descubierto con gran sorpresa en los últimos meses que Sony ha abandonado el mercado de los lectores de libros electrónicos.  542 more words