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An end that never comes

Music, meth and some pills for depression,
Are all that I need
to survive in this lonely world of grey.
A disappointment to everyone and a bipolar asshole; 203 more words


Boner, Boner, Bo-Boner, Banana-fana fo-foner, Fee-fi-mo-moner, BONER!

Am I Normal?

This weekly publication is meant to give teens, educators, and parents information regarding normal and healthy adolescent development. Each week a new user question about what is “normal” in regard to puberty, growth, healthy relationships, sexuality and emotions. 26 more words


Advice From My Patient

Andrew Siegel, MD   Blog # 165

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to lunch and to play a round of golf at a beautiful private course with two of my patients who are club members. 813 more words

Andrew Siegel MD


He noticed her vagina was fatter than normal as he reached inside of her silk lined panties. Wet and warm, he overlooked the deformity for the sake of his own erection.   74 more words

Nice Guy Dating Tips: 5 Ways Cuddling Becomes That Awkward Moment

Who doesn’t enjoy cuddling? I’ll be the first guy to admit it! I like cuddling and I’m not afraid to use the word either. It is time gentlemen for all of us to come on down from macho mountain and admit rainy day cuddles are not half bad. 444 more words


Rhino Dirge by Corinna Turner

Hairy horns are made for wearing

by the rhinos on their faces,

Where the handsome creatures

use them as nature intended.

That hairy proboscis has real meaning… 138 more words