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Apparently the new spider-man doesn’t have a villian.  It’s just spider-man going through puberty and learning to hid erections in a tight suite…


Hello darling mine. How are you? marvellous I hope as I am tired as fuuuuuck. hahahah you really thought I was gonna keep the old english thing all the way didn’t you? 263 more words

All O

Penis Gallery

As already stated, I get sent lots of penis photos. Here are just a handful for you to peruse. Enjoy! 73 more words


Alone in the showers at the pools....

Another busy week so only one trip to the local pool this week but I’d had a text from Mike earlier so I knew that he was busy and wouldn’t be down on the same night. 888 more words


Erectile Rigidity: “A Perfect Storm”

Andrew Siegel MD   12/13/14

**Note: Although the following blog is written primarily for men, it is equally relevant to females. Since the penis and clitoris are homologous organs, whenever you see “penis” you can substitute “clitoris.” 660 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

"Hard" issues

I was told recently by a colleague that her boyfriend is afraid to go to the saunas because he might get an erection. I responded the way I always respond to men being afraid of that happening when they take off their clothes in public – it won’t happen. 1,332 more words