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His kiss brushed her lips, then brushed them again on the wake of his sigh. “Don’t be afraid,” he

whispered. “This is going to be fun.” 17,212 more words


Music: Tha Suspect – Erection [Election]

Tha Suspect gave a poetic expression of elections, theatrics of the Nigerian 34 more words


All I have to do... Is dream.

I’m the kind of person that dreams a lot. Sure I have my aspirations, but, I LITERALLY dream a lot when I sleep. I don’t usually get the same dream over and over again, even if I do, it’s probably just a change in one scene or in the way a person laughs or the way a bullet whizzes pass me right ear; nothing too significant. 596 more words

Breaking Bad: What You Need To Know About Penile Fracture

Andrew Siegel MD   1/24/15

The French term for a broken penis is faux pas du coit. Everything sounds more elegant in French, oiu? Call it what you want, this is one mishap you want to avoid! 633 more words

Andrew Siegel MD


There were erections EVERYwhere this night. Big erections. Smaller erections. Solid erections. Erections that didn’t look so safe. Erections that were lit up in the dark. Like this one.


For the first two hours of the train journey to Berlin I have had an erection

For the first two hours of the train journey to Berlin, I have had an erection. This is a good sign. The Brocken. This is somewhere I still need to go in Germany. 39 more words