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Edegra Performing Successfully Against Impotency

Edegra has been a vital medicinal drug which leads for curing from the harmful issues of impotency & this medicinal drug has been confirmed by the drug analyzers of Food & Drug Association (FDA). 112 more words

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Male stupidity finally explained

P. Ness, science reporter.

A leading study into male stupidity has today released its findings. Researchers were surprised that such a perplexing puzzle, which had remained unsolved despite decades of research, had such a simple solution. 506 more words


"Evolution of Man" Held Back Comic

If I was Principal Paxton, they would have confused my dong for the trunk of a Woolly Mammoth! By that I mean it’s hairy…


My pattern in Brussels is quite set

“My pattern in Brussels is quite set: to the Dome as soon as it opens to get a bit drunk; to Cine Paris for 10-15 minutes just to get an erection in my trousers; then walk along the Rue des Commercants with that erection bulging my trousers, only slowly subsiding, past the beautiful street girls, to 5th Avenue to carry on drinking amidst the beautiful bar girls. 131 more words

Brett; 31; Palos Verdes, CA

So I am early thirties cool surfer dude living in Palos Verdes, SoCal working mostly from home.  I chose this type of lifestyle because I was tired of being a 9 to 5 robot and wanted to create my own hours.   422 more words

Edegra Evolves Sensual Power By Halting Impotency

Edegra makes men survive in sexual relationship by boosting sexual proficiency. Men that become applicable for its usage are those who couldn’t achieve rigid erection as they wish to become eligible for intercourse. 164 more words

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