Erghhhh… you guys. I got back from Egypt at about 3am this morning and I was teaching from 9am until 6pm and now it’s 11pm and I should sleep but I’m awake and my brain is all full of camels and packing for America next week and I’m so excited about seeing my (adopted) big brother on Monday and being able to talk about the stuff in my brain that he can help me with, and Egypt was just so good, SO SO GOOD and I’ve got so many worries and fears for the friends my own age we met there who work so hard and hate their jobs and the world is such a crazy place and we haven’t paid our council tax yet this month and I need to speak to James but he’s freaking out and I need to buy a new guitar which is exciting but also urgh spending money and I’m staying at my parents house tonight and there’s too much stuff and I’ve made a page of clothes I’m selling on this blog but I doubt anybody wants anything and I have literally about 60 more items to add but allow spending 5 hours photographing and writing about clothes, who has time for that? 120 more words