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Ini pelajaran yang harus kita ambil, “JANGAN SALAH GERAKAN’ bekerja dengan posisi dan tempat kerja tidak ergonomis akan menjadikan penyakit kerja , menjadi sakit setelah sekan tahun kemudian atau bahkan beberapa bulan kemudian. 30 more words


Methods Kinesis Freestyle Solo Ergonomic USB Keyboard Black

This ergonomic keyboard is manufactured by Microsoft and it has been developed with a brand new innovative design that elevates efficiency, productivity, and comfort. You will find both e-mail and internet hot keys on this… 314 more words


Techni Mobili Ergonomic Kids Teens MDF Computer Desk Blue

The ergonomic task chair is there to make the kids lives and days easier, for them to use less energy on finding things such as stationary and books, etc. 375 more words


For Walkaroo Stilts by Air Kicks Steel with Ergonomic

Stilts are being used for adventurous jumping these days except it is very interesting to recognize that they have long times back to centuries. Jumping stilts are poles or pillars type structured used to permit a human being to set an eminent gap over the land. 337 more words

Bekerja Seharusnya Tak Hanya Duduk

Could offices change from sitting to standing? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26937454

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Ergo Original Baby Carrier vs. Beco Baby Carrier

A lot of parents are discovering the freedom that babywearing brings to their families. Free hands, no stroller, the closeness with the baby. It’s no surprise baby carriers are all the craze these days from wraps to sling rings to soft structure carriers, everyone has heard or has used a Bjorn, which is the most famous name for a baby carrier. 342 more words