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Memory Lane: Eric Boehlert didn't mind taking aim at these political 'children'

As Twitchy reported, yesterday, Media Matters doofus Eric Boehlert got pissy over The New York Times’ recent scrutiny of 34-year-old “child” Chelsea Clinton. Because if there’s one thing that… 89 more words

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'Gotta be kidding me': Eric Boehlert laments NYT 'attacking' Bill and Hillary Clinton's 'child' Chelsea

Chelsea Clinton has made herself a public figure lately, and she now rakes in big bucks for the family foundation she works for giving speeches about what a struggle it is to care about money, … 246 more words


'Gutsy' Eric Boehlert attacks Fox's James Rosen for 'smear' against US soldier

@EricBoehlert @JamesRosenFNC they're—
Nied's Dead Horse (@mflynny) June 06, 2014

Proper contractions be damned! Eric is throwing some red meat to his Fox-hating proglodyte minions and getting lots of payoff.

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Public celebration for Bergdahl canceled, The Left is outraged

Given what we know about Bergdahl at this point, canceling a public celebration makes sense. Not surprisingly though there are some who can’t help but see the situation as a conspiracy against Obama. 401 more words

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