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Larry Elder's pithy tweet puts calls for 'diversity' in perspective

Radio host Larry Elder masterfully sums up the politically correct calls for “diversity” in the Ferguson Police Department

Despite black prez, black AG & black Sec DHS polls say–since Obama–race relations "worse." But…

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1st Amendment

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These numbers appear to be at roughly the same level and distribution in general. What wasn't shown here is the proportionally Blacks kill way more Whites than do Whites kill Black!

Common Sense: Deconstructing Dorian Johnson - And Why The FBI and State Officials Will Not Prosecute Him...

Treeper Commonsense has done an excellent job digging into Dorian Johnson’s Grand Jury testimony.   Many questions can be answered and additionally many explanations become self evident.   6,276 more words

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Dorian is all over the place in his account --- by now he has told so many different versions that he probably doesn't know what is true now!

According To CNN And Some Sociologist Dude At Duke University, If You're White, You're So Racist Now, You Don't Even Know How Racist You Are

It’s what one Duke University sociologist calls “racism without racists.” Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, who’s written a book by that title, says it’s a new way of maintaining white domination in places like Ferguson.”The main problem nowadays is not the folks with the hoods, but the folks dressed in suits,” says Bonilla-Silva.”The more we assume that the problem of racism is limited to the Klan, the birthers, the tea party or to the Republican Party, the less we understand that racial domination is a collective process and we are all in this game.”

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Race Issues

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This anti-White agenda is a planned propaganda program to incite a race war in America! It s being run along with a program to make the blacks thing the whits hate them! Neither is actually true!

“Like Vultures on a Roadside Carcass”

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Intro by Jeff Rutherford

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David A. Clarke, Jr. has been the Milwaukee County Sheriff since 2002.  An African-American native of Milwaukee with a degree in Criminal Justice Management, he began his law enforcement career as a Milwaukee patrol officer for 11 years, then 7 years advancing up through the homicide division as a detective, and another 6 years in top leadership of the Milwaukee Police Department before being appointed to the position of County Sheriff by the Governor of Wisconsin. 1,116 more words



Krauthammer cites two statements made by Attorney General Holder.  Holder states that he hopes the vandalism doesn’t obscure the true thrust of the protest. And that such behavior should not be “condoned”. 256 more words


5 Things Friday

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5 Best Activities This Week

  1. Typing – writing feverishly to try to finish NaNoWriMo…
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