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African Americans don't need to be told to hate or mistrust the police.

African Americans don’t need to be told to hate or mistrust the police.

I have just found out from conservative media and the police that I and several million other blacks have never had an issue with or mistrusted the police until Obama, Holder, and Sharpton told us we had an issue with them. 64 more words

African American


BLACK LIVES MATTER!   We’ll see if the black community listens to it’s own message.   It starts in your own house, neighborhood and communities.   Look in the mirror first; stop listening to dopes listed above.

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The problem comes from the Black inner cities and it is only those that live there that can solve the problem. Grow up, take responsibly, quit wining and get control of your children. If you don't they like so many before will end up dead (from other blacks not whites) or in jail --- is that what you really want!

Black Tape

On Saturday a deranged lunatic killed two New York City police officers while they were sitting in their car in Brooklyn. Earlier in the day the same psychopath shot his girlfriend in Baltimore. 363 more words

Officers Down! Could This Be Just the Beginning?

December 21, 2014 – Over the weekend, three on-duty police officers have been murdered in cold blood. Two; Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were killed in Brooklyn, NY, while a third was killed just 20 miles outside Tampa in Tarpon Springs, FL. 291 more words


Two NYPD Officers Ambushed, Killed in Brooklyn

At approximately 2:47 p.m., an armed man approached a patrol car containing two New York Police Department officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, and shot both to death before taking his own life. 338 more words


Cops Lives Matter

This Christmas, two New York City Police Officers will not be able to enjoy the love and warmth of the season with their families. They are the victims of an anti-police climate that has been allowed to flourish in our country in recent months. 243 more words

Funny - No Rush From Obama Administration To Issue Statement On NY Cop Executions

Obama and Eric Holder have mixed themselves into every potential white-on-black violence in this country from the get-go, and before the facts were fully known, but now that cops have been executed from the whipped-up mob, … 12 more words