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Between he: SI's Deitsch

From a 12-16-14 piece about Alexi Lalas’ move to Fox from ESPN.

(For the record, as a soccer coach, former player, and avid watcher, I will say that, while Lalas has grown on me as a commentator (riding his edgy reputation a bit too much early on without enough substance), Wynalda has never seemed as polarizing to me as he has to others because he first needs to say something substantive to be polarizing. 24 more words


#gamergate + Two Terrible Reporters + Ill-informed Anger= Sports!: This is Your Sports

This is my last weekly roundup article before I start writing daily, so forgive my brevity. It’s for a good cause: a blog written by a white guy talking about issues that hardly affect him in any way. 430 more words