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How can I produce realized covariance value using the 3 month frequency data?

Is there a way to produce realized covariance using the data

with quarterly intervals (3 month frequency)?

I found the package called “highfrequency” and found the function “rCov” … 60 more words


Live 4 Love

By @gurlindah93


Sepertinya baru 5 menit aku memejamkan mata tapi suara itu sudah terdengar kembali.

“Oppa… Oppa… Ireona…” dengan mata terpejam aku menggoyang-goyangkan tubuh suamiku, berharap dia bangun dan mendengar suara itu juga. 4,050 more words

Fan Fiction

create an instance of an object that conforms to a protocol given a class object with conforming to a protocol

Suppose I define musicInfoDelegate protocol and create an object that conforms to musicInfoDelegate. In my Controller, I have the following class object that conforms to musicInfoDelegate. 71 more words


Video: ¡GO-LA-ZO! Podría Ser El Del Año.

Erick Lamela, jugador argentino, ex de la Roma y que actualmente milita en el Tottenham de La Europa League, demostró la poderosa zurda que tiene al anotar un gol que sin duda alguna estará nominado a al Premio Puskas. 136 more words


Holding Eric Part 13

Holding Eric part 13

Hurry inside excided to show him his new pants spotting his sisters already cascading over him, without even a pep that he was there, Jake walk to his room tossing the bag on the bed returning to the livingroom sitting on the couch while they showed off more what they had gotten, Jake taking the pillow leaning into it on the edge watching golf already on, Jacob looked past Becky spotting Jake was upset ignoring them. 3,138 more words

[Review] Discovery of Love – 연애의 발견


Furniture Designer Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yoo Mi) has been dating the sweet and gentle Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon), a plastic surgeon who works with her housemate. 1,022 more words