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When I was younger, there were only a few things that were of great importance in my life: getting invited to a friend’s house for dinner when it was meatloaf night, looking good on picture day, and Saturday morning… 854 more words

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The Environmental Communication Division is pleased to share our new CFP for ICA 2015 on our website. In addition to regular papers and panels, this year we will also accept extended abstracts of 1,000 words for the High-Density Session on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Communication in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). 1,823 more words

September 2014

Eric Corl Idea Buyer

The first variety of business arrange is one you propose on showing to others. This may be therefore you’ll be able to raise working capital funding or get a loan. 1,018 more words


Eric Corl Idea Buyer

Typically, these firms additionally claim that they’ll patent your plan, that is not possible. (Any competent patent professional person can tell you that solely associate degree invention are often proprietary, not a mere plan.) However, even the sharpest inventors tend to be drawn in by these attractive guarantees. 789 more words


labor day

No, thank goodness, I’m not in labor. Let this little girl keep cooking, please. We need a few more weeks! I’m 32 weeks as of yesterday, so we should have some time left, God willing. 310 more words


I am awake, too

I walked thus, in this fog, atop that carpet and hard surface (under which were plain boards of planks of wood) that I had really gotten to know so well last night, feeling myself at one with the surface, that the surface had been transmitted over my entire self, and that I walked, upright, as part-board, and part-fuzzy carpet. 210 more words

eric awake

the second time i opened up my eyes, i saw eric sitting on the side of the bed, hunched over. i had barely opened my eyes, so i don’t think he noticed that i had seen him. 522 more words