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We Are What We Do by @TeacherToolkit

This week I spoke in three key stage 3 assemblies at school. 508 more words


"Is your country your mother or your father?"


Two Kinds of Text

Please feel free to respond, but see if you can keep your commentary moored in the two things we read for today. 1,126 more words

Fragments Of Frank Moretti

Erich Fromm: Why have we subordinate the economic machine?

Erich Fromm:

“Only if man masters society and subordinates the economic machine to the purposes of human happiness, and only if he actively participates in the social process, can he overcome what now drives him into despair–his aloneness and his feeling of powerlessness”

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Work & Play 2

Calresco (The Complexity & Artificial Life Research ConceptĀ for Self-Organizing Systems) say

“… Why do we work ? From necessity or love ? If the former, then our world is failing us, we are being exploited, being made slaves for the benefit of others. 364 more words


3. Wake up

Trying to describe in words something that by definition cannot be described using words seems a bit silly. However, a few notable psychonauts of the Beat Generation gave it a bash and I think if you repeatedly expose yourself to their musings, then they start to make sense. 451 more words


The Disease

Here’s a poem I wrote somewhere between 1997 and 1999. I’d just finished my Ph.D and was staying in an apartment in an old, run-down house in Ottawa. 391 more words