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Spam (out) of control

How is it that for decades, we had been used to managerial spans of control being in the 5-to-10, optimal (sic) 8 range, whereas what we had in the past couple of decades is spans of control in the 2-3 range mostly ..? 468 more words


Transparency, Discipline and Allignment

Firms that have existed for any length of time are likely to have risk management.  Some of it was there from the start and the rest evolved in response to experiences.  724 more words

Enterprise Risk Management

5 Tips for Starting an Effective Safety Program

Safety is a basic, bread-and-butter issue that companies cannot do without. Many companies don’t realize that Safety is an element of Sustainability. Safety is considered a “social issue” for purposes of Sustainability programs and reporting, so external stakeholders are also interested in your company’s safety programs and performance. 803 more words


Concrete Garden

For one of my collections I designed a range of wallpapers and cushions this is one of the designs I created and got printed into a wallpaper sample. 27 more words



Quick gold leaf repeat, drawn by hand then repeated in Photoshop. For the second image I have combined it with a previous pattern.