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Banish the Separative Approach to Risk Management

by Keith Monson

The recent financial crisis is slowly fading from our memories, yet its lasting effects continue on. One area that’s garnering increasing attention from regulators and examiners is risk management. 742 more words


Can Your Vendor Compliance Program Handle an Audit in 2014? One Might Be Coming.

Audit executives from several hundred organizations were surveyed in January to identify top emerging risks that audit teams at their companies would be focused on in 2014.  253 more words

Cyber Liability Price Hike Leaves Retailers Feeling the Pinch

As a result of Target’s major data breach last year, insurance carriers are lowering coverage limits offering and raising prices on cyber liability coverage.

The Target data breach exposed personal information of 70 million+ Target customers and has resulted in numerous lawsuits against the retailer. 114 more words

Learning lessons from the Eurozone for Scotland and Quebec

It is hard to believe that the Euro is 15 years old, but it is. In fact, the notion of a shared currency unit for the European states was mooted back as far as 1929, but it took until 1979 it to finally start to take shape. 551 more words

Embracing the Challenge

Insurance Climate Globally

The MultaQa Insurance Rendezvous, quoting Swiss Re reports, summarized the global general insurance market as follows:

  1. Global general insurance penetration is dropping.
  2. 482 more words

Saint: Next-Gen VM is here now

Saint’s Security Suite aims to bring the Next Generation of Vulnerability Management to enterprises in an easy to use package with a plethora of integrated tools bundled in a friendly interface all of which allows for a dynamic control of data presentation. 438 more words