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Quick gold leaf repeat, drawn by hand then repeated in Photoshop. For the second image I have combined it with a previous pattern.


Well isn't that nice?

Erm… Well now…

Frankly I’m having difficulty composing anything to go with this picture. Let’s just stare in silence.

Classy Ladies

The essence of risk ownership

This post continues my “essence of ERM” series. The goal of this series is to address all manner of risk management topics in small sensible components. 548 more words


Knit & Cats

This is from a scanned image of a piece of knitting repeated on Photoshop. On some images you can see a repeat pattern of a cat layered over the top. 


SAP Moves Beyond CRM With Customer Engagement and Commerce

WALLDORF — Today’s customers are digitally empowered and in control. They expect to be able to engage, research, buy and get service without necessarily speaking to or interacting with a “sales person.” They want to jump between web, mobile, in-store or on the phone with a sales person seamlessly. 479 more words


5 Tips for Managing Sustainability Risks

Sustainability is the concept of managing an organization considering environmental, social, and a broad range of economic factors – and the external reporting on progress on all three “bottom lines.”  CEOs may not recognize the risks that sustainability can pose to their organizations.  980 more words


Hierarchy Principle of Risk Management

The purpose of ERM is NOT to try to elevate all risk decisions to the highest possible level, but to master discerning the best level for making each risk decision and for getting the right information to the right person in time to make a good risk decision.

579 more words
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