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Shale gas: 'The dotcom bubble of our times'

Workers exploring a potential shale field in Pennsylvania. Photo: AFP

Courtesy of Tim Morgan @ The Telegraph:

Public opinion has been divided very starkly indeed by the government’s invitation to energy companies to apply for licences to develop shale gas across a broad swathe of the United Kingdom. 669 more words


CONDITION RED: Fracking Shale Is Destroying Oil & Gas Companies Balance Sheet

Courtesy of SRSrocco report:

There is this huge myth propagated by the MSM as well as several of the well-known names in the alternative analyst community about the wonders of SHALE ENERGY. 1,777 more words


Biomass, solar and wind cannot sustain an advanced society

EROIs of all energy techniques with economic “threshold”. Biomass: Maize, 55 t/ ha per year harvested (wet). Wind: Location is Northern Schleswig Holstein (2000 full- load hours). 1,016 more words

Energy Policy

Traian Băsescu va participa la Ceremonia de comemorare a 100 de ani de la Primul Război Mondial

Președintele României, Traian Băsescu, va participa, luni, la Ceremonia de comemorare a 100 de ani de la Primul Război Mondial, informează Administrația Prezidențială.

Programul deplasării arată că la ora 12.00 (ora României), șeful statului va fi prezent la Liege (Regatul Belgiei), la momentul Memorialului interaliat al eroilor din Primul Război Mondial de la Cointe, iar la ora 12.40 (ora României) va participa la Ceremonia depunerii coroanelor de flori de către Majestatea Sa Regele Philippe I al Belgienilor, evenimentul urmând să fie transmis în direct și de societatea publică de televiziune francofonă din Regatul Belgiei, RTBF. 27 more words

EROI and the limits of conventional feasibility assessment—Part 3: Intermittency & seasonal variation

In the previous post in this sequence, I developed the concept of power return on investment as a complementary indicator to energy return on investment (EROI) for assessing the viability of wind and solar PV as alternatives to thermal electricity generation. 4,664 more words


EROI and the limits of conventional feasibility assessment—Part 2: Stocks, flows and power return on investment

An important principle to bear in mind for inquiring into the ways that energy-related considerations influence human societies is that, by and large, economies are dependent for their… 3,324 more words