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Stranded with a Billionaire

AN: This book enabled me to accept the fact that books about falling for a rich dude are not my cup of tea and that I should stop trying.

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Smut for Good

If you’ve reading erotic fiction for some time you’ll probably be familiar with certain author circles and styles, and probably with the name Sommer Marsden. Alongside her novels, her short works have been featured in over one hundred and twenty-five anthologies. 80 more words

Erotic Fiction

An Excerpt From My Novel-In-Progress, "The Cabin"

Ah, I love a good helping of smut before breakfast.

Rather than simply imploring you to go read it, I thought I’d provide an excerpt from my story, “ 1,906 more words


Christina at Emilii Plater

Warsaw is Eastern Europe’s least celebrated sex capital, with Prague and Kiev stealing the limelight from the pussy of Poland. In a nutshell the whole city is a stripper club and a brothel. 1,801 more words

Erotic Fiction

Naked on the beach.


From the first time I went to a nudist beach, I felt comfortable.  Yes, the first time you go all the way and take your shorts off as a guy, or your bikini as a woman, it feels a little weird.   137 more words

Erotic Fiction

Ada, Angela, Attraction

Let me give you a little background on this scene. Ada and Angela met earlier in the evening and they are enjoying a Girl’s Night Out with a couple of mutual friends. 1,109 more words

Chloé at Stephen’s Place

Streetwalkers have something of an unfair reputation for being the scruff of the sex trade. It is true that the girls peddling their quim pouches on the streets are more likely to be older and ugly or to be there to feed a heroin habit, but this generalisation fails to account for the good number of diamonds in the back-alley rough. 1,345 more words

Erotic Fiction