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A Nice Guy

Debbie knew one thing about her sister: she was a bitch. How or why a nice guy like Randy could end up with someone so cruel boggled Debbie’s mind. 488 more words

Erotic Stories

The Dry Spell 5

Her orgasm was instantaneous and absolute. It ran through her body like sugared lightning. It built in her, causing her hips to jut up, her legs to spread even wider, and she saw the look of delight on Jason’s face…although it felt like she could barely see at all, since the orgasm blurred her vision. 465 more words

Erotic Stories

Sweet Little Ball Breaker has been posted today – the title says it all.

Cristiano Caffieri

The Dry Spell 4

His lips found her neck, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, almost crushing her. He gripped her like a drowning man. She pressed against him, reaching behind and grabbing his hair. 495 more words

Erotic Stories

The Dry Spell 3

Jason didn’t say anything for a moment, but she heard the office door slam shut and a drawer open and close. She heard his breath as he stepped closer, now close enough that she could smell him. 533 more words

Erotic Stories

The Dry Spell 2

It was past midnight when she made her mistake.

Jason squatted down, pulling a box between his knees to cut it open, and then pushed it against a shelf behind him. 618 more words

Erotic Stories

The Dry Spell

Kate had to flip through the hospital’s calendar again to make sure, but after the third time, there was no denying it.

She hadn’t had sex for exactly one year. 541 more words

Erotic Stories