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My History Mistress

Women were seen going to the riverside, the men to the farms, the children were sweeping around and the elderly were seen playing with the toddlers. 1,875 more words


My First Finnish Sauna - a guest blog by my wife

It was my first time at a Finnish sauna. My friend had warned me that everybody took their saunas naked and that I would feel out of place if I wore a bathing suit. 473 more words


That night.

The wind brushing my contours of my face, the warm waves engulfing the shores running over my feet, her hand wrapped across my arm against the backdrop of a setting sun. 498 more words


Naughty Fun Being A Voyeur

“Wow! You look enchanting this evening, Tabs,” I told her, noticing the slinky cocktail dress Tabs wore with appreciation.
Tabs laughed. “What? This old thing?” She was pleased with my compliment. 646 more words

Kindle Books


It was a rainy day. The winds were battering against the windows, the sound of it was rather soothing. I never expected that I would be this excited. 956 more words


What the Webcam Saw

What the Webcam Saw

I untied the thin belt around my waist. My robe slipped off my shoulders, falling to the floor of our hotel room. 4,876 more words


Part Two.

She makes a vain effort to half cover herself. Brady feels some sympathy for her, looks for something to cover her with. There’s nothing around. The officer speaks to Brady, “the last thing we need you to do is inspect her. 3,488 more words