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Our Sex

Take a second and think
who was it that brought you to the brink
to the brink of sexual bliss
then pushed you over it with a simple kiss… 311 more words


A Celibate Girl's Frustration

So I have a bit of a secret, I have not been sexually active for almost three years, and I made a promise to God that I would wait until marriage, but my goodness, I have the craziest crush on this guy that if I see him right now, I’m going to jail. 67 more words

Light at Play - An Erotic Poem

Light at Play ~

I see you hiding there in the sun.
As the light curves around your curves
and continues on.
A lovely silhouette, 147 more words

Inquiring Minds

Primal - A small poem

She draws me in her with nature….pulling,  ever pulling…a primal pulsing…building, ever building within me. I must unleash it all on her because her own soul demands it ….she needs to be sated….fed and the wolf rises and races to her to feed also…

Inquiring Minds

“ONLY WHAT I SEEK” Part One: scorrevole (erotic novel, WIP)

scorrevole: gliding from note to note

Was I really doing this? Was I taking a guy I had only known for a day home with me? 2,326 more words