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The Artist


I was gaining strength, becoming whole again. It seems as though I’ve been trapped for more than a millennium but more likely it’s been a century. 2,160 more words

The Twisted Path Group

Sexually frustrated

I need it. I don’t get it. I’ve been extremely sexually frustrated…and the annoying this is I’m a young, extremely healthy and well endowed male. My cock needs ass, or at least a good sucking. 89 more words


A Woman Cadaver

Men swarm me like flies sucking the sweet nectar from a corpsed mango core, undress me brilliantly in rosy honey bare skin. They rip sticky fabric from off my flesh with their eyes, tasting me through my cherry tinged scent, lips bitten into dimly, stretching the soft elastic brim where teeth and tongue meet. 114 more words


Tennis Weekends

Jennifer wasn’t surprised at all when, soon after they entered their house, Adam turned her toward him and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. 383 more words


In for a penny.....

A random memory sparked off this post. I was having coffee with one of my favourite female friends and we were discussing ’50 Shades of Grey’. 678 more words