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Then and There

Within the crook of her arm
she cradled
my head lifted up my mouth
to the dark
circle of her areola bade me
suckle the… 105 more words


We're Mad as Hell!

It always seems that I’m blogging when I’m pissed off about something.  And usually, it’s something that might seem pretty trivial in retrospect, but tonight I saw something that not only angered me, but disturbed me as well.  636 more words


My body, soul and pleasure

Surrendered to our adventures

Ominous night endeavors

Knowing I’ll be treasured


Under your command and control

It’s clear where I stand within your hold… 47 more words


A Love Letter to Women

I’m one of your tribe

I have deeper desires

My eyes explore the soft shadows between your breasts and thighs

 My dreams dance among the Goddesses and dakinis  194 more words


Relentless torment
Guiding ascent
Swallowing sighs
Euphoric high
Seething frustration
Wicked intoxication​


The Finest Vintage

Bouquet hangs heavily upon the air,

Tempting me to savour, the choicest wine,

My thirsty lips to your vessel draw near,

Blushing petals, cannot desire confine, 67 more words

Erotic Poetry

The Tulip Field

A quickie for you today, continuing on this theme of the sensuality of flowers.

* * * * *

The Tulip Field

Rows and rows of tulips stretched on, the plump bulbs in bright riots of color: sumptuous red, soft pink, sunny yellow, and vibrant orange mixed with yellow. 1,100 more words