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Erotic poem

Purely exciting physical.
Cover your eyes with tie.
Sense for details – mystical…
Touch from the world of blinds.
Ruthless, forbidden violence.
Pain in the sound of voice. 9 more words

Continuation Part 3 of Sexual Pop Art

This time instead of using a mouse I chose an iron to represent the female form. This was to reflect the bourgeois traditions of women being trapped in the domestic sphere.

Autumn Work

Continuation of Sexual Pop Art

Continuation of using everyday objects to portray the female form.

Autumn Work

Feminine Treachery

Of her own free will the flaxen
haired maid
leaned over and worshiped my
rock hard
cock standing up tall and proud
out of my… 305 more words


Which side of your brain is more dominant?

Take the test – I’m right-brained 72%


Right side – Images, Chaos, Creativity, Fantasy, Intuition, Curiosity

Left side – Rules, Language, Strategy, Rationality, Logic, Details