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Diving Deep (Year Abroad series, part 4)

Ariel knows what she wants, and she’s going after him.

When Ariel’s hot scuba instructor blows her off the day after their illicit encounter, Ariel is irritated. 495 more words


Poem: Vibrations



Heart surge as she looks,

His name!

And the thrill takes her,

The content matters not, it is him,

This faceless man,

Direct-wired to her cunt. 113 more words


What If?

What if he took her by the hand, led her to their room and asked her to lie back on their soft sheets and relax? 772 more words


A Quiet Day - Part 4

The beginning, Part 1

This wasn’t her life. It couldn’t be. Things like this never happen to her. Oh maybe a gorgeous man would indicate his interest however shortly after gaining hers they always disappeared. 2,535 more words


Fucking in the Sun

Tom and I took advantage of the bank holiday weekend (just a regular holiday for all of you readers abroad) and the glorious sun and headed out to the park for a sunbathe. 740 more words


A Quiet Day - Part 3

The beginning, Part 1

“Yeah.” Her reply was shaky, if not weak, like her legs were becoming. She suddenly found herself being propelled through the door and directed to sit on the edge of the bed. 1,582 more words


A Quiet Day - Part 2

The beginning, Part 1

There is something to be said about waking up between two very gorgeous strong men. Especially if one is sandwiched between them like they were two pieces of bread and you are the jelly spread upon each of them. 1,186 more words