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Porn for Women

“What is erotica?”

“Porn for women”

“Ahhh, so like 50 Shades of Grey kinda stuff?”

Yep, I’ve had this conversation. A few times actually. With different people. 481 more words

50 Shades

Simply Rouge Excerpt!

It was the way he walked in that caught her eye. Like the slithering viper with a sensuous sway to his step, and with every inch he crossed the floor eyes sweeping about like the predator he was. 464 more words

Review / Release Day ~ The Pleasures of Spring (Pleasures #4)

Publisher: Penguin Ireland

Date Published: April 24, 2014

Genre: Romance/Erotica/BDSM

Print Length: 466 pages

Book Description

An invitation to the hot and steamy world of bestselling Irish erotica author Evie Hunter… 951 more words


Confessions and an Excerpt: Barcelona

I’m of two minds regarding confessional style erotica. The first is fairly straight-forward – Oh! Confess away you naughty thing! pretty much sums it up. The second is a bit more serious and a lot less fun. 823 more words


The Saucy Mockery

Oh if I did believe in willful fates

Then might my lustful world negotiate.

A lovely lass whose panties I did wish

trace a solo fingertip with relish. 69 more words



I want to caress it gently with my fingertips

Drag my nails across your impassioned flesh

Dig them deep in your back and leave it scratched… 54 more words


Chapter Two

Boyz II Men’s Greatest Hits plays through Lisa’s headphones as she looks out of the plane window at what is probably St Tropez. She takes a sip from the glass of shimmering Pinot Noir the huffy stewardess had brought her seconds earlier. 968 more words