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Wednesday's Dishes of the Day

1 Brazilian Lara :) 2 English Izabele 3 Polish Patrycja & Polish Sophie 4 English Hayley, English Suzy :) & Colombian Alice :) 5 Hungarian Andrea & Italian Kat… 21 more words

Monday's Dishes of the Day

1 English Soozy :) & Brazilian Lara :) 2 English Izabele 3 Polish Patrycja, Croat Ivy & Black Roxy 4 Hungarian Christine

Saturday's Dishes of the Day

12-7 Hungarian Christine, Colombian Alice :) & Brazilian Mari
2-9 Brazilian Lara :) (NOT ON TWITTER) & English Soozy :)
3-11 Polish Patrycja & Brazilian Samy :) 15 more words

Modern Memento Mori

Two weeks ago, at my second Drawing Parallels Workshop, I overheard something interesting while pouring a nice glass of wine for one of the attendees (wine goes tends to go down well after drawing dead foetuses for an afternoon) – that people today are a lot more disconnected from their own mortality and the idea of death than people in the past were. 464 more words




The sound of dripping almost buckled me. I stumbled meekly with my keys, feeling the sharp pang ring through me unexpected, teeth rattling, keys rattling. 154 more words



I watch the way flowers drink rain–
Petals and leaves beaded with moisture,
The swelling spheres of liquid growing
Until they break beneath their own mass… 48 more words


Goltzius & the Pelican Company - Peter Greenaway

Last Friday I had the pleasure to meet Peter Greenaway and ask him a question in person after seeing his new film ‘Goltzius & the Pelican Company’ at the… 1,008 more words