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Intimated looks shared across the over populated room
Ditzes and dolts the party favour flavour tonight
Imprinting passion on each others sense and senses… 294 more words


A Loyal Lover

This is a creative piece I put together for a small writing project between my roommate and I. We chose a topic—in this case Eroticism—and interpreted it in whatever way we pleased to compose a short story. 499 more words


Me como esta modesta lujuria en tu cuerpo.

Tengo una carga en el pecho tan nefasta
Y el capricho dócil de no ver.
Que más ciego queda el mendigo de ver dinero,
Que yo de no conciliar placer. 325 more words



dissolution  is debauchery

dissolution  is death

dissolution  is annulment of a legal bond

dissolution  is liquefaction

dissolution is a revolutionary word   averse

dissolution is a manifesto  the quest for fusion… 130 more words

Tibetan prayer wheels for clitoral stimulation.

Throughout history, there have been many documented instances of sacred Tibetan prayer wheels being used for clitoral stimulation. Entering an ecstatic state is often the goal of those who utilize ritual religious objects. 75 more words

Colossus of Rhodes penis inspired the giant dildo.

Many kink aficionados enjoy super-sized dildos today. But have you ever wondered why these sexual aids can be extremely, breathtakingly large?

A little known historical fact is that the modern dildo evolved from phallus-shaped sex devices which were inspired by the famous genitalia of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Colossus of Rhodes. 134 more words


Quiero meterme ésta vida tan clandestina
En los huecos de la cara.
Pasar los dedos agrios
Por entre los huesos
Y empaparme la boca de sangre. 341 more words