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Father Paul

Paul was intelligent and he did well at school.  During his early teens he took an interest in sports, his athleticism was good and when it came time to choose, he chose basketball instead of football. 610 more words

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Our first day back at school after spring break, my friend Jody was excited.  After our first class she dragged me off to the toilets. We discussed what we’d been up to over the break and she waited till there was no one else there and she showed me her new piercing. 176 more words


Quick ease

I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in seeing someone from across the room and knowing instantly that they’re of interest.  729 more words

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Daddies Darling

A story about incest, the how, the why and the consequences.

This story does not seek to defend incest but acknowledges that it happens as it has since biblical times, and that today incest between mothers and sons in becoming more common. 2,987 more words

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A party in Kingston

Jamaican holiday part two – pt 1

We went to one of the few original old colonial mansions and for Dad, this was a business dinner. 619 more words

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A nice threesome

Part one of a Jamaican holiday

My family went on holiday to Jamaica and we stayed in a cabin at Boston Bay.  It’s less touristy and at the end of the beach, there’s some cliffs.  761 more words

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Massage for her libido

Massage is one of my part-time occupations and occasionally I get couples coming in where the husband wants to watch his wife being massaged.

There are several sides to this, for some the wife has lost interest in sex and he wants to see how massage affects her libido. 444 more words

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