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Week 5 - Vanilla or Chocolate? Customisation of ERP Systems

Vanilla or Chocolate? Customisation of ERP Systems

Many experienced ERP implementers will say there are two rules you should follow when implementing these systems:

  1. Do not customise your ERP.
  2. 827 more words

What I can do with the regained hours

Today I read a post by Janet (ocdtalk) that reflected on a post by OCD to the nth Degree discussing the “lost years” OCD causes and how to think about this in a more positive light. 299 more words


Week 8 of Internship at La Jolla Historical Society

Hello Again!

I am reaching the final lap with my internship this summer in La Jolla. I am hoping to completer my hours and project by the second week of August, which means I have 4 weeks! 314 more words

Raising the Bar: Placing Information Technology at the Forefront of the Business (Part II)

  • Become Knowledgeable in Areas Outside of IT

Technology is only as good as the problem it solves. If no problem is solved, then the technological system serves no purpose. 323 more words

Information Technology

Price competition, the threat that keeps growing for AE firms

Recent research in the Trends and Challenges in Architecture and Engineering found that 78% of business leaders believe that price competition will be the greatest threat for the future in Australian and New Zealand. 163 more words


Enterprise system Integration - setting up boundaries (PLM ERP & CRM Integration)

With explosion of data the need to manage different functions digitally have made ways in Corporate Sector be it Energy or Automotive

Commonly 3 systems are widely seen in most of the companies (SME’s and Large Enterprises) 298 more words


How To Be An Outsider

Learn more about Dan Strong.

When I was younger, being an outsider was no fun. Being more of a “TECHIE”, many times I found myself envious of those within that inner circle where I was not acknowledged. 366 more words

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