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Crafternoon Delight

Florida may not be a part of the true Deep South, but I think I have southern hospitality down on lock. In the waning months when I lived at home with my parents, I fantasized about hosting all sorts of get-togethers in my own apartment. 2,072 more words

August 22, 2014 Keep your options open...nothing is going as planned

Some days, it just doesn’t pay to make plans you might be too attached to

I don’t know about you, but every so often, The Universe throws me one of those days that says… 972 more words


Last Minute Errands

I find myself in a store requesting a few papers to be printed. After a long day of whirlwind of attempting to print my most necessary item for the next day. 158 more words

Last Minute Errands

Tick tock...tick tock...tick...

It’s Friday!!!!! And yet, I have a million errands to run this weekend. Ugh! I am a classic over-committer (I know there is no such word). 385 more words

Afternoon Tea

Time Keeps Ticking Tocking Away

Do you struggle with a poor sense of time? Are you often late for appointments, work? Are your kids late for school? This often occurs because of an inability to find what you need in the morning, distractions and sometimes not understanding just how long tasks REALLY take to complete. 1,169 more words


A Family Birthday

Today is a special day. Today my Spencer is 19 years old. He took the day off work to celebrate by sleeping in really late. Here is a photo of him sleeping a few days ago when he never made it to his bed at all: 415 more words

I'm a bargain!

Check out this CNN Money article about what it costs in New York for a babysitter!  Geez!

Luxurious Babysitters


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