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Tickled Pink

Clump #190:  Recycle shredder, CD’s and cord.  Reframe old photo.

Today I took a break from the clumps in our son’s bedroom.  With all the paper purging I’ve been doing, we’ve had a casualty.   333 more words

Ranching: One Day at a Time

No two days are the same here on the ranch.  A couple of days ago it was in the upper 70′s and yesterday we woke up to snow! 243 more words

How 6 Hours a Week can Change your Life!

Life is Hectic! You’re too Blessed to be Stressed. Handing over your to-do list to a concierge company can mean the world between being stressed about doing laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, changing sheets, house cleaning, and many other mundane tasks, and, like Rachel Zoe said: “Sometimes, though, you have to put aside the to-do list and raise a glass to all the good things in life.” Concierge service is an entire industry built around waiting hand-and-foot on busy professionals, families, and seniors; some concierge even provide services for out of state and international students who can afford it — all for an affordable price. 177 more words


lots to do today… the kids came over around noon and we went to run some errands…

I learned how to get the car washed… it was quite different than the last time I went with George… at that time you had to drive the car onto a track… now you leave the car and they put it onto the track… didn’t take very long for it to be run through… 105 more words

Day 6: New Things

Today is Day 6… I’ve almost made it a week! Feels like soooo much longer, but at the same time like I just started yesterday. 315 more words


Little Earner

Let’s forget for a moment that it’s on the 7ème étage of a central Parisian building whose nose juts out like the bow of a liner onto the Rue du Louvre. 371 more words

But inside, I’m going, ‘Oh my God, is my zipper up? Do I have a booger in my nose?’ That’s my inner monologue.

What a surprise the morning brought: a cloudy, damp, chilly day. (You know of course that was tongue in cheek!)

I was up early to meet friends for breakfast and did one other errand then came home because my back had started to give me trouble. 426 more words