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A fine mess!

I messed up recently. Thankfully, it didn’t end up with major repercussions, but may well have done.

A major training organisation I work with regularly  asked me to re-run a programme that had flopped badly for one of their key clients under the tutelage of another trainer. 256 more words

Dan Uggla committed one of the most embarrassing errors of the 2014 MLB season

Following a rash of unfortunate injuries in their infield, the Giants called up second baseman Dan Uggla from Class AAA last week. On Sunday, he had one of those very bad moments that every athlete a) has to have a short memory about b) will be reminded of forever. 55 more words


“There Are No Gardening Errors, Only Experiments.” by Garden Designy

“There are no gardening blunders, only experiments.”
July 27th, 2014
“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”-Janet Kilburn Phillips

I was talking with somebody recently who was mortified of planting perennials because “Once you put them someplace they cannot be moved”. 20 more words


“How many times can I forgive?

How many times have I erred?”

Heart Transplant

Coding error fixed #1: Invalid CSS after " webkit-image": expected

Someone suggested I blog about code errors I find solutions for. This will be quick and dirty, because I don’t have time to do this. I offer no context to anyone, purposely. 59 more words


An open message to Amazon, associates, and other online sellers

I’m going to offer some advice to the many online sellers that will help you with your business, from a librarian’s point of view.  Yes, we order quite a bit from you, due to price/convenience/availability immediately stated.   2,080 more words


Just One More

For the last Fun Friday in pet peeve month, I offer the following cartoon which again showcases our friend, the apostrophe. 

Have an outstanding weekend!