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Making change from climate change -- or not.

Of late there has been a flurry of opinions thrown about regarding different capitalistic models to profit from climate change. Ostensibly, if we pick the right model, we can both make money and save the planet. 877 more words


dba_free_space query slow

we run regular queries against dba_data_files and dba_free_space to check tablespace growth/available space. they seem to have been running fine until seemingly out of nowhere, this query began to timeout on our monitoring setup. 95 more words


Bad Transcription Means 1-800-Flowers Card Implies Dead Grandma Had Diarrhea

Douglas, a reader of the New York Times’ “Haggler” column, decided to send flowers with a lighthearted message to his grandmother’s funeral instead of attending. He sent them through 1-800-Flowers, dictating his message for the card to the customer service representative who took his order over the phone: “FAR WELL GRANDMY YOU HAD A GOOD RUNS.” Wait, that doesn’t sound right. 259 more words

Taking It Seriously

Error in x[[variable]] : subscript out of bounds

I’m sure this error can be caused by many things, but the most frequent case that I’ve seen is when the variable in the brackets doesn’t exist, or the string stored in the variable, or the string (ok, character variable) passed directly into the subscripting does not match any of the columns of the data frame. 28 more words


Sports Communications Spelling Errors

Next time you’re trying to recruit a four-star running back, make sure you don’t make a typo on the personalized ESPN Magazine cover you sent him. 141 more words

Beyond coding - Levels of Errors in Software Development - Part 1

Too often technicians are struggling with logical problems and managers are tinkering with design problems. This article gives an overview of all kinds of errors and problems which occur in software development. 2,813 more words

Software Development

Rebecca Maher (JM4017-2)

Rebecca contributes a pragmatic perspective on David Monagan’s recounting of the “journalist’s worst nightmare”. 489 more words

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