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Erythritol is a FODMAP - watch out if you suffer IBS!

Like many people these days I am consciously trying to cut back my sugar consumption, for both health and vanity!

My health reasons are simple –  I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and I also had Gestational Diabetes with both my pregnancies, both of which give a higher risk factor for developing Type 2 Diabetes than the average person. 280 more words


High FODMAPS to watch out for in food products

Since being on the low FODMAP diet my shopping trips are taking twice as long as they used to. I now read all ingredient lists, sometimes having to go through all brands on the shelf before finding something which is FODMAP friendly… Even products which at first glance appear to be FODMAP friendly when going through the ingredient list it is likely you’ll find out they’re actually not. 372 more words


Low-carb, grain-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

I was craving some chocolate chip cookies, but of course, did not want to break my gluten free low-carb eating regime, so I hunted around the Internet and found a recipe that seemed straightforward and easy enough to adapt to suit my preferences. 289 more words