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UK Government Cuts benefits to Save Country Money - MY ARSE!

I can rant on about this at length, but by changing the benefits system and cutting benefits for those that really need benefit, instead of to those few who are ripping off the system and who are bright enough to manipulate it, the UK Government are supposedly trying to save the Country money. 1,984 more words

The Tadpole

When I was a kid, one of the pleasures of spring was going to the creek and catching tadpoles. This bright blue tadpole seems to swim through the inky blackness of space. 118 more words


ESA's shiny new Sentinel-1A satellite returns first Earth photos

Click to enlarge – Image of a transect across the northern section of the Antarctic Peninsula

ESA’s Sentinel-1A satellite has returned its first images of Earth from space in its second week of achieving orbit.

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More than a food bank: Ray Woolford's Deptford model

Today more evidence emerged about the sheer numbers of people depending on UK food banks. But the most shocking fact is that the new figures published by the Trussell Trust – the biggest food bank charity – radically understate the true situation. 1,158 more words


Jazz lose to Lakers

SALT LAKE CITY — Lakers’ Nick Young scored a season-high of 41 points to lead the Los Angeles team to a 119-104 win over the Utah Jazz on Monday night. 95 more words