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When Escape from Tomorrow—the surreal film Randy Moore guerilla-style in the Disney Parks—was released last year, everyone wanted to know what I thought (I wrote… 230 more words


4 On 1 Review: Epic Review! (Sort Of)

Snowpiercer (2014)

In a post-apocalyptic, snow-covered world, the last of humanity lives on a constantly-moving train. Separated by social classes, Curtis (Chris Evans) leads a revolt to take control of the train from the upper class. 553 more words


" Listen to me. Don't let your imagination run wild. It's a transitional period."

Escape from Tomorrow DIR. By Randy Moore

Rating 7/10

“Escape from Tomorrow” is a fantastic, surreal journey into madness and imagination, specifically happening at Disney World. 147 more words

Stolen Child

Grandma and Grandpa Pauline,
I always mixed those names up.
But my Dad would politely correct me
and state that there is no GRANDpa Pauline, 2,086 more words

Escape from Tomorrow - Netflixtions (#2)

Escape from Tomorrow (2013)

Directed by Randy Moore.

Father and husband Jim is given the news of his redundancy on the final day of his family holiday to Disney land. 740 more words

Movie Review

Converse In The Ninjaverse Episode 85: Escape From Trans4mers

Converse In The Ninjaverse Episode 85: Escape From Trans4mers

This week we talk about the “love” for Transformers 4, a detailed look at Escape From Tomorrow and we talk about SHARKNADO 2!


The Tuesday Zone: 'Escape from Tomorrow' (2013)

Maybe my views have changed since I was younger, but for as long as I can remember (five years?), I have hated theme parks. Well, “hate” is a strong word; they make me uneasy. 778 more words

Movie Review