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The sound of home

The call of black cockatoos woke us early Saturday morning from a deep slumber. It was a welcome home to me, a sound I miss so much and one I am working hard to get back to. 367 more words


My Escape Story

So as a new friend wrote on my Facebook “You’re famous!”

I was very excited to have my Escape Story published on Escape the City. These guys are fabulous and have been an amazing support, they even sent me an Esc t-shirt so I can legitimately say that I have ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ :-) 23 more words

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Escaping the City - My Story

When I came back from an exciting three month internship in Mumbai I felt uncertain about my future. I had gone straight into a job after uni working for a great start-up before moving out to India determined to continue to challenge myself. 288 more words

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When I grow up I want to be...

An Olympian. No, an astronaut. Or maybe even Bruce Lee.

I’m sure when you were growing up your list of preferred careers was as adventurous, ambitious and exciting as mine was. 617 more words

Tips And Guides

10 tips for escaping the career you don't want into the one you do.

I spoke at the Escape School event this week and shared some of these insights that have helped me over the years stick to work I want to be doing (almost) everyday. 314 more words

How to Love Mondays When you Work

Mondays get a pretty bad reputation don’t they? We get that shared chorus of, ‘oh no, Monday tomorrow’ on social media each Sunday night that gets louder and more painful by the time Monday morning actually comes around. 1,111 more words

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