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When Committing to Love

The ins and outs

Know them

The staircase, exits

Locate them

Fix and fortify

Evac backpacks

Better not forget the first aid kit

Be ready at a moments notice… 56 more words

Part 6: Plan?

“Agent,” one of the suited men called to Ace to get her attention. She turned her head to the suits.

“Who are you really?” the tall one continued. 565 more words

Time Travel

Book Review - This is Not My Hat

LOVE this book! Love it! This was an instant hit in our home and quickly became a bedtime favorite. And it’s no surprise this book was nominated for this year’s… 176 more words

Children's Fiction

Books and Reading

I read to escape.

Real life is messy.   Real life is people dying, kids getting drug addicted, mom’s getting depressed, dad’s losing jobs, and lots of other messy, uncomfortable things. 217 more words


Some days you just want to hide away in a wardrobe, wishing it were magic and could make all your troubles go away :)

Wishing Life Away

It has occurred to me on many (many, many) occasions that I often wish time would pass more quickly. When at work, I always find myself impatient for the time when I can be done with work. 685 more words

What's your escape?

Running, for me, is my escape. It’s what clears my mind, what makes me feel better and is the one thing that seems to make sense when my head is all muddled. 139 more words