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Something in the Water

I have a real escapist streak in me. When I’m stressed or when things aren’t going my way, my initial instinct is to retreat. It’s been a blessing and a curse of sorts, since professionally it makes for someone who’s not afraid of – but rather seeks out – change. 515 more words


Safe Haven

For me, playing guitar has always been a safe haven. When it’s just me and my guitar, I create a whole other world. In this world, I lose myself in melodies and chords and experience “flow”. 381 more words

Bar Buddy

What can you do when you still feel so alone
Unfulfilled no matter what you try…
Escaping your thoughts with a visit to the bar… 27 more words


Update for August 19, 2014

Because of the demands associated with preparing for the impending school year, I haven’t had the time nor energy to produce the next “Jack & Buttons… 185 more words

Jack & Buttons

Escapism: Let’s Get Away

It seems every genre has a stereotype. Fantasy readers are usually nerds who like dressing up and pretending to go on quests, for example.

And romances are usually read by bored housewives who are unsatisfied with their marriages, according to the stereotypes. 351 more words



Shhh! I’ve found somewhere perfect for us to hide from life – don’t tell anyone! Come on…let me show you, but quiet…tread softly until we’re out of sight, out of mind, and then we can be free (if only for a short while). 933 more words