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The problem with our relationship was that we escape in different ways, in opposite directions, ultimately losing each other, or settling for the middle ground of normal existence and being miserable. 87 more words


Chasing Highs

Why are we always chasing highs?

Coffee, weed, speed, smack, crank, coke,

dust, e, x, thizz, shrooms, lucy, candy, glass,

sweets, fat, attention, power, money, love

What high are you chasing?

Grad School or Dragons? Thoughts on Why We Love Speculative Fiction

There is something about lovers of speculative fiction that is different from the lovers of strictly garden-variety fiction. You cannot compare the passions of a Potterhead and a Hemingway fan—the fact that “Hemingwayhead” is not a term is a testament to this. 785 more words

Science Fiction

One Step, Two Step, Aha!

The plodding nature of immense frozen sheets of ice, so thick and heavy, carving out rock like butter to make wondrous landscapes when they recede.   This is akin to the process of self learning. 1,571 more words


A Love Letter to my PS3

We’ve been together since before I can remember, must’ve been over 5 years now. I play you sometimes, but you certainly don’t mind — it’s what you’re there for. 245 more words

Going to the movies.

15 december the most modern cinema of the Netherlands will open in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. With the newest gadgets like 3D Experience and Dolby Atmos. They take care of a great sound and visual experience.   361 more words