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The Heart of the Blues

Themes in “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin

“Sonny’s Blues” is a short story about two brothers in Harlem, New York, who are torn apart and finally reunited by jazz. 925 more words


Music for the history books

I will never get over the fact that they’ve quit: VIBRASPHERE. I’m sure people will listen to this in 400 years, and it will still sound fresh and new: 129 more words


Ludmilla and the needlewoman

I was speaking to a particularly nice woman the other day. She didn’t know me; had no prior knowledge or pre-conceived ideas about me and other than my voice on the phone she’s had no direct contact with me before. 1,136 more words


Thank god for Youtube

I’m not exactly a betting woman, but I was betting on ‘Today’ could be ‘OK’ or at least no reminiscing on a large scale. Instead strait out of the gates, the horse I bet on that is ‘Today’ trips over its feet.  542 more words

Personal Thoughts

Make the World Go Away

Make the world go away

And get it off my shoulders

Say the things you used to say

And make the world go away.

( 408 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Ten Minute Obsessions

The following story may or may not be autobiographical. More about the male character who inspired the persona.

Pakhi was exhausted. She had a long, tiring, athletic day at school and she had never been more welcome to its closure.  3,236 more words



Realists can wish upon stars, dream of rainbows and play with fairies too……….