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Fueling Fire

“I’m 17, male, going into my senior year. I play point guard, varsity basketball, have a job, girlfriend, ok family. My problem is the more I learn about news in the world and America, like wars, economy, politics, I just get freaked out so I smoke pot. 362 more words


Dark Soul Matter

She couldn’t let a feeling through

without first drowning it in a pool of

dark soul matter.

An alien source,

made alive in the hands of man, 114 more words


Patricia McNeilly - the end of the journey in duality

Hello everyone. :)

Patricia McNeilly has made a new video for us, in which she explains that the end of this Twin Flame path in duality is near. 224 more words

Twin Flames

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Thank you Patricia and Angave... this will INspire many :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0rX0pH_cBM


I went to Barnes and Noble last night and I forgot how much I love bookstores. I mean really LOVE bookstores. I wish cocktail parties were like bookstores. 240 more words

Somebody else's Sunday cannot be an Escape today: Civilian Palestinians in Gaza witness another disaster

More than 60 people were killed during Israel’s fierce attack on Gaza’s Shujaya neighborhood today. While it has been an ordinary Sunday for most of us in “civilized” lands, spent with rest and shopping, to many people “somewhere in the Middle East” it was another disaster taking the lives of many beloveds -if they had the chance to survive of course. 460 more words


Twenty Six

I hope you know
I hope it shows
Technicoloured senses
You spin me in
Blazer dust
Fingertip lust
Fallen angels
Walk hand in hand
Under Ocean lights… 44 more words