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The music is blaring

I am in oblivion.

It is all I hear

and here are people everywhere

blockading me in.

And I am screaming: 97 more words

Small flash of Cartier...

One of the perks of being married to a pilot is that they don’t have the same working week as everyone else. While it can be a big pain not being able to plan much in advance of the coming months roster or join in when others are planning weekend jaunts, it does mean that when DaddyP has his days off midweek we get to go and enjoy much of Dubai without the mass weekend hoards.   438 more words

Child Friendly Activities

TURNING PLATES - " The Singles " and " Tin Man"



Turning plates are a bunch of musicians from Glasgow some classically trained orchestral professionals and some members of jazz and rock musicians that all got together wanting a different sound with new instrumentation beautifully chaotic then soulfully delicate with their song “Tin Man” from 2011 winning awards for best production to the EP “Escapism” being among the top 50 albums of the year in the Herald


Inventing the Child - Of Princesses, Pirates and Top Models

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So, it’s time for some children’s books again. Last time I found gender roles, diversity and the lack thereof, animal misrepresentation and much more. 1,421 more words


Good evening, Facebook

A representation of reality.. surrogate for living. The digital opium of friends mashed up into a little screen. A concentrated blasting of relentless emotions, passions and boredom, false truths and true facts, passive aggressive sarcasm, takers, givers, and inspiration. 11 more words

Big Love and Pornography

I am an early bird, that’s one of my many curses. Regardless of how late, hammered or just plain exhausted I am when I get into that bed; I barely make it past 7.30 on a Saturday morning. 495 more words

Everyday escapism

The allure of most escapist cultural artefacts with heroes, societies, environments, and etc. (stories) that are easy to identify with is at least twofold.

Firstly, the heroes are rarely seen being forced to reflect on their profoundly material existence, something that we inevitably suffer many times a day, giving the impression of rightly-situated (in… 166 more words