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7 Deadly Microbes Destroyed by Colloidal Silver

7 Deadly Microbes Destroyed by Colloidal Silver 

at Very Low Concentrations: Study

A 2011 study demonstrates that very low concentrations of colloidal silver produced “pronounced antibacterial effect” against six well-known and potentially deadly disease-causing microbes, and even against one microbe used to simulate anthrax in germ warfare tests.  1,947 more words


E. coli anyone?

So I went and crocheted me some E. coli!! I must obviously thank Giant Microbes for the inspiration, the pattern is my own.

Life is OK, my mum has gone back to Italy today, so we’ve got lots of room on the couch for broken limbs and comatose dogs….   16 more words


Microbial Contamination of Drinking Water in Pakistan

F Nabeela, A Azizullah, U Roqaia, M Syeda, W Murad, S Shakir, W Ullah, M Qasim, D-P Häder. Microbial contamination of drinking water in Pakistan-a review. 257 more words

Microbial Contaminants

Sprout Alert!

For years when I taught microbiology, we tested alfalfa sprouts purchased at our local supermarkets for bacterial contamination – we found E. coli repeatedly year after year.  50 more words