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Al Gore and Al Jazeera? Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Every now and then there is some really good news out there; one of those circumstances where two @ssholes tear into each other so that no matter who gets their @ss handed to them, we (the good guys) win. 497 more words


Blast into fast!

Oh my, how time flies. It was exactly one year ago that we joined Comstock Mortgage. It was the perfect opportunity that blended our established, well-known company, recognized for great financing programs all over the state of California, with Comstock’s ability to secure financing quickly and offer more programs than we could on our own. 222 more words


What is Escrow?

What is Escrow?

When your real estate agent says that money will be “In Escrow,” do you know what they’re talking about?

Escrow is an arrangement in which you pay a third party money for something and then that third party disburses it for you. 344 more words

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De vereisten voor een escrow bij een notaris

De escrow is een bedrag gestort bij een derde ten behoeve van twee andere partijen in een transactie en wordt veelal gebruikt als waarborg voor betaling en het mitigeren van financieel risico in een transactie. 121 more words

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