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Oz Month: Cowardly Lion, ESFP

The Performer

Covered in 60+ lbs. of costume, it’s amazing that Bert Lahr was able to perform anything at all, much less parade around as the loud, brash, show-stopping Cowardly Lion. 707 more words

Fictional Characters

ESFP- Gandalf the Grey

ESFP- The Inspirer

SF- The Relaters

One of Gandalf’s greatest skills is his ability to “relate” to others. He focuses a great deal on his relationships, and works hard to nurture the personal growth of his friends. 149 more words

Life in the Jungle - Chapter Two - Maurice the Fun-Loving Monkey

A friend requested a story to fit her book of illustrations. The illustrations will follow in due course. It is a story with seven chapters (seven illustrations, that is). 664 more words

Myers Briggs


I love taking personality tests, I always wonder what I’m like or how other people perceive me.  Yay! This is going to be fun! So, what you do is take this Myers-Briggs  142 more words


Personality Tests

Recently, I’ve once again come across personality tests. Well, this one was different. 520 more words

Daily Dozes