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Its interesting to think about truly how many people there are in this world, the number is quite remarkable, Do you know what it is? Its “7.125 billion people” (Syngenta.com, 2013). 807 more words

Oz Month: Cowardly Lion, ESFP

The Performer

Covered in 60+ lbs. of costume, it’s amazing that Bert Lahr was able to perform anything at all, much less parade around as the loud, brash, show-stopping Cowardly Lion. 707 more words


ESFP- Gandalf the Grey

ESFP- The Inspirer

SF- The Relaters

One of Gandalf’s greatest skills is his ability to “relate” to others. He focuses a great deal on his relationships, and works hard to nurture the personal growth of his friends. 149 more words