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Commentatulus - MBTI Humor - Pantheon, Part IV: Artisans

Several thousands of years into the future, when civilization has fallen and risen time and time again, a group of confused survivors look for answers to life’s great questions. 899 more words

Personality Systems

NYU Class of 2017, Rachel Alvarez

Name: Rachel Alvarez
Age: 19
Astrological Sign: Aries
Myers Briggs: ESFP
School: New York University
Class of: 2017
Major… 1,434 more words

Student Profile

One Of My Past Adorations

During my experimental stage couple years ago I met someone who became an object of my probably the first serious attraction.

He was an ESFP. He was one of the very few people whom I sincerely liked, and could relate to, with no conscious effort from my part. 209 more words

Commentatulus - Artisans: ESFP Profile

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The ESFP’s primary function is extraverted sensing, while their secondary function is introverted feeling.

ESFPs are most renowned for their ability to generate excitement. 369 more words

Personality Systems

Test Out Your Personality Type

I’m an INFJ, red-blue split, and least like an otter. Though that won’t all fit on a nametag, knowing your personality type can help move business along. 281 more words

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"where's the party at?" - my life as an ESFP

I was first introduced to the Myers-Briggs personality test whilst studying a Communications in Organisations unit on my PR course. Before I did the test, … 716 more words


Eye-Typing: Se

Please read the Introduction to this series if you have not already done so.

In this post, I will show and describe the eyes of the… 231 more words