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Tagore and the Principles of Tuition

Among other ideas and principles, Rabindranath Tagore emphasized the following methods of teaching:

(1) Teaching through tours and trips:

Tagore believed that the subjects like history, geography, economics and other social sciences could be effectively taught through excursions and tours to important spots. 153 more words

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How are you Feeling?; Speaking About Emotions

This simple activity allows students the opportunity to practice speaking about their feelings and emotions.

Create a relaxed classroom environment and ask students to close their eyes. 60 more words

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What a State!; Some Stative Verbs

In English, some verbs – variously known as ‘state’, ‘non-continuous’ or ‘stative’ verbs – are generally not used in continuous tenses (such as the present continuous: “I’m liking football”, “I’m having three cats” X) and are instead used only in simple tenses (“I like football”, “She has two dogs” √). 106 more words

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That's Some Way of Life / Living (?)

‘Way of life’ or ‘Way of living’? After having done some internet-based research, I’ve found that these two expressions / phrases tend to cause some confusion for English language learners in terms of the exact meaning and when we use them in English. 142 more words

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Cambridge Examinations; Eliciting the Form and Strategy

It can be quite challenging to get your students into the idea of familiarising themselves with the form and components of examinations and the strategies for approaching them effectively (i.e time management) – and even more so to do it in an interesting and engaging way. 172 more words

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The Meaning of Existence - Les Murray

What themes are covered in the poem and what does Les Murray suggest about our relationship with nature?

Les Murray, ‘The Meaning of Existence’

Everything except language… 72 more words

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