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Tagore and the Principles of Tuition

Among other ideas and principles, Rabindranath Tagore emphasized the following methods of teaching:

(1) Teaching through tours and trips:

Tagore believed that the subjects like history, geography, economics and other social sciences could be effectively taught through excursions and tours to important spots. 153 more words

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How are you Feeling?; Speaking About Emotions

This simple activity allows students the opportunity to practice speaking about their feelings and emotions.

Create a relaxed classroom environment and ask students to close their eyes. 60 more words

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What a State!; Some Stative Verbs

In English, some verbs – variously known as ‘state’, ‘non-continuous’ or ‘stative’ verbs – are generally not used in continuous tenses (such as the present continuous: “I’m liking football”, “I’m having three cats” X) and are instead used only in simple tenses (“I like football”, “She has two dogs” √). 106 more words

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