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Imparting My Knowledge


So I have been asked a lot of questions about the teaching abroad process. I figure I should put my knowledge into one post. 663 more words


Camp Fulbright and Big News Tomorrow

I’ve successfully taught my first two lessons at Camp Fulbright this summer. For my first lesson, the day’s theme was “I Dream.” I created a lesson plan about bucket lists and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to teach students about wishes and achieving their dreams. 330 more words

A plea for forgiveness...

The class clown. The student that never stops laughing. The wise-cracker. That one student you can’t get mad at for disrupting the class because he makes you laugh right along with him. 129 more words

English as a Mother Tongue

After spending three months in Dalian and numerous job offers, it occurred to me what a fortunate position I am in. As a native speaker of English, I have innumerable work opportunities here in China. 281 more words


READING ALOUD – an IMPORTANT key to improving your English

You may remember when you were at primary school and your teacher would sit you in a circle with your reading group and listen to you read. 460 more words


The Texas Debacle

The way everything is falling apart right now, I feel like I should be more stressed. I almost find it distressing.

I feel as though I have reached an impasse. 70 more words