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Mixing languages can be hazardous, or "Your nigga friend is always close"

That might be the strangest sentence I’ve ever written, so I’ll get the explanation out right away. The term for “That one” in Chinese is “Nah guh”. 652 more words

Chapter Four: Locked and Loaded

So, today, I finally received my apostilled FBI CRC! I had that baby in my hands for about 10mins! (Those precious 10mins thoTT My best friend oh oh ohhhh) But yeah, right away I had to send it to SoKo along with a revised GOE application. 70 more words

The Gossip Game

General Objective: For the students to express their agreement or disagreement with details from a scenario or lecture that has been read to them.

Specific Objective: 306 more words


Websites for Free Flashcards / Worksheets / Online Games

Here are some short links to various materials to help you make a lively, engaging class with happy students and fun times while learning English. Materials are the bread-and-butter to a teacher’s lesson plan so get ready to become very familiar with these URLs.These websites make our job as teachers MUCH easier and for no cost at all (unlike most teacher resource sites)  so if at anytime while downloading you feel inclined to make a donation – please do so! 414 more words


Recording Assignment #1 - The Unexpected Backfire

If you’d like to contribute to the show, here’s your chance.

I’m looking to hear your experiences in the classroom where you tried something with the best intentions… But it backfired on you. 307 more words


Outreach Program_ 141018

” Volunteers are paid in six figures… S-M-I-L-E-S”                                                             ~Gayla LeMaire

Don’t you agree? Last Saturday, we had an outreach program. We had a lot of smiles, laughter and of course , happiness. 27 more words


New Students_141020

At the beginning of the week, we had new students who joined our family. We look forward to teaching all of you! I was lucky to be able to teach a few of the new students! 11 more words