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Rosetta Jones

Welcome to the Rosetta Jones series. A name that was coined by my former Administrative Assistant team as I attempted to learn a second language prior to moving to Italy. 310 more words


ESL Experiences 14-08-24

Me: Do you like Japan?

Student: I hate Japan. The Japanese were bad to China.

Me: OK, let’s go back to our lesson. Our lesson is about places in the neighborhood. 61 more words



Welcome to my listening lesson plans blog! I guess I should write a little to explain what this blog is, why I created it, and what I hope to do with it in the future! 477 more words

Communication Skills

50 Cent Challenging Floyd Mayweather to an ALS/ESL Challenge Is Funny & Sad At the Same Time

50 Cent throwing down the hammer on Floyd Mayweather here. Oh you want me to pour ice water on my head? How about no. And how about you read a page of Harry Potter on top of it. 102 more words

overheard in korea

“Hello Mr. Bear, you have a nice shirt.  Your stomach is too big.”

This afternoon one of my kindergarten students was looking at an ABC book, and pretending to read to his friends.   26 more words

The Full Lineup for IEM Toronto is Announced

The first visit of ESL’s StarCraft II flagship series to Canada looks to have nothing short of an all-star lineup. We already looked at the… 432 more words


Easily Confused Words: Contact vs. Contract

Contact and Contract are easily confused words. The spell-check application of most word processing software wouldn’t catch a slip-up of these two words. If it’s a word and it’s spelled correctly, spell-check keeps looking for what it sees as the real mistakes. 146 more words

Easily Confused Words