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Saying goodbye

For the last ten years, I’ve been teaching English at a local grade school.  I’ve taught every child in the school, every topic, every word, for the last ten years.  674 more words


"No tengo lapiz." Linguistic acquisition and the ESL teacher

언필이없서요 (yonpil-ee obsoyo). A recent addition to my catalogue of chunks of Korean, of which I now know a range, none of which are related to each other enough to form sentences let alone serve any useful, communicative purpose. 698 more words


Christmas vocabulary

Just before we start our Christmas holidays, test yourself with this quiz about X’mas vocabulary.

Are you ready now? Then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


學術期刊應該如何回應已出版的研究論文剽竊指控? / 應該如何學術期刊處理中發表的研究文章錯誤歸因作者和未經授權使用數據?(研究出版倫理) (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 12/18/2014

* 學術期刊應該如何回應已出版的研究論文剽竊指控?(研究出版倫理)
* 應該如何學術期刊處理中發表的研究文章錯誤歸因作者和未經授權使用數據?(研究出版倫理)
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (333) Research poster design: 1) Planning 301 more words

Game: Press Your Luck

Since Christmas is now upon us I thought it might be a great idea to share a little during this season. I have recently uploaded an OpenOffice platform game that I play with my students. 821 more words


12 Amazing Things Scientists Discovered This Year About People Who Listen to Music

Here’s an incredibly interesting article taken from the web.

Number 2: Rhythmic ability has been linked to language learning.

One of the first skills that children need to acquire when learning to read and speak is how to pick up on the rhythms of speech. 123 more words


Dropbox won't sync saying file is in use but it isn't

Dropbox says “file is in use” about a folder, and it’s not synchronizing. I use SysInternal handle to see which process is locking it, but it does not shows anything (like nothing is locking it). 13 more words

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