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Prologue: Why I Start a blog in English

English is my second language. As I typed out this statement, I instantly found it painfully contradicting to look at. Yes, in a second language, not my native Mandarin, which presumably the best language to express myself with. 427 more words


That'll be $14.85 - "No no, $1.00"

I absolutely adore it when my customers think that they can haggle with me when I’m working in a corporate owned store. I worked in an upscale ice cream parlour for a time and one woman drove me up the wall on a daily basis. 552 more words

Customer Service

Wordle Wednesday: Languages

This week’s Wordle Wednesday is all about the languages that are spoken across the World. Most of us know that currently the World’s Population is around about 6,800,596,862 people. 58 more words


個人的偏見:學術同行評審人員(3/3)可能的權力濫用 / 期刊編輯對特定類型的研究成果優先考量? : 研究生英文出版投稿日報 7/23/2014


*個人的偏見:學術同行評審人員(3/3)可能的權力濫用 (PART A)

*期刊編輯對特定類型的研究成果優先考量?(PART A)

*學術英文投稿教學影片 (185) Advice on Academic Publishing

*精確寫作 (英文編修訓練) (2/6)

*科學英文論文組織寫作 (14) : (第二部分:行動)

Academic publishing news 學術英文出版新聞

個人的偏見:學術同行評審人員(3/3)可能的權力濫用(柯泰德翻譯)(PART A)

224 more words

ESL: Recruitment (2)


Small talk (0:00-3:00)

Hi, Viva! Good afternoon! How are you? How was your weekend?

Hey, I heard that the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi just released its new flagship phone, Mi4. 275 more words


Easily Confused Words: Fowl and Foul

Fowl and foul are homophones and easily confused words.

The spell-check application of word processing software wouldn’t catch a slip-up of these two words. Why? Spell-check seeks out words that aren’t in its database and typos. 163 more words


Wild Wednesdays

Falling Clouds

Do you have problems with word order? If so, this fun game is great practice!

Move around the words to put the sentences in the correct order. 24 more words