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Easily Confused Words: Red vs. Read

Red and read are homophones and easily confused words. The spell-check of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up among these three words. 164 more words

Easily Confused Words

Pick a Name, Any Name (Well, Not Any Name)

For two years in the late 90s, Peter Hessler taught English in Fuling, China, as part of the Peace Corps. His experiences are the subject of his best-selling… 1,725 more words


Learning Styles

The vast majority of learning styles used in English Language Teaching were originally developed in other areas, such as psychology. In fact, ELT has a history of adapting research from other fields of study: the audio-lingual method was developed out of the behaviourist school of thought.  881 more words


Grammar Guru

Minimal Pairs

There are many words that sound very similar in English. If they only differ with one sound, they are called “minimal pairs.” An example of this is:  46 more words



I was on my way to Southeast Asia, but first I had a twelve hour lay over in Shanghai. Americans, among few other nationalities, have 72 hours visa free in certain cities in China. 216 more words


More than a marathon #2: Lost Soul Ultra 2014, Lethbridge, AB

When I began to run, I met some people who had done “ultra” running events.  This sounded really crazy to me, since it meant running more than a marathon.   1,045 more words


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Which invention has been the most life changing for us humans?

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I have to tell you, living through the last 20 years really has been quite something. When I first came to Malaysia, there wasn’t much internet to think of so ‘faxing’ was the most incredible thing around and I was forced to buy one of those new fangled mobile phones simply because my house was new and there weren’t any phone lines up yet to my apartment. 75 more words