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MtG, ESO Style - Stibbons

Stibbons may be the most patient man in the game. He is the right-hand man of Lady Clarisse Laurent, and not only does he have to put up with mounds of verbal abuse, he’s subjected to every failed experiment she attempts. 47 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

MtG, ESO Style - Skyshard

These artifacts are scattered around Tamriel, and they go a long way toward helping the player boost his skills. The effect is really cool too. 21 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

MtG, ESO Style - Vanity Pets

These little guys are given to players as a reward for purchases or loyalty. The follow the player everywhere he or she goes, and do absolutely nothing. 25 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

MTG, ESO Style - Verandis Ravenwatch

Verandis is my favorite NPC in ESO. He’s a mysterious vampire with a heart of gold, and he’s willing to sacrifice everything for the cause. 20 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Mtg, ESO Style - Handfast

Most people in Tamriel marry at the Shrine of Mara, but the Silvenar and Green Lady, who are the embodiment of all things Bosmer, marry at a special handfast. 38 more words

Elder Scrolls Online


This picture of the star cluster Messier 47 was taken using the Wide Field Imager camera, installed on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. 25 more words


MMO PvP in 2014: The Recap

It seems both Tagn and Hardcore Casual have been reviewing their predictions from last year and it was interesting to see how their attempts faired so, why not have a go too.  1,217 more words