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High DPS (1000) Build of ESO Nightblade Guide in PVE

Source from http://www.esogoldah.com/news/63–high-dps-1000-build-of-eso-nightblade-guide-in-pve

Do you remember the ESO Sorcerer guide of how to do 900/1000+ DPS with a high Spell Critical, reducing enemy resistance and high weapon damage in PVE? 360 more words


Enyhébb lett

Ma reggel egész friss volt a hő, 14.
Napközben sem volt sokkal 20felett.
És nyári zápor is volt.
A naplemente meg továbbra is csudi.


OOC Update

What you’re seeing above is a story board that I did for class, based off of the story “Heated Flames” on this site. Not some of my best work, I’ll admit it. 233 more words


Une perspective perdue

En voyage aux États-Unis, mon ami Mike a pris la photo que vous voyez au-dessus de ce texte : une majestueuse Voie Lactée (notre galaxie vue par la tranche) au sein du ciel nocturne du parc Yosemite en Californie. 415 more words


Lives And Deaths Of Sibling Stars

In this striking new image from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile young stars huddle together against a backdrop of clouds of glowing gas and lanes of dust. 185 more words


Some Notes of ESO Dyes You Need Know in Update 3

Source from http://www.esogoldah.com/news/61–some-notes-of-eso-dyes-you-need-know-in-update-3

We know the Dyes system will come in ESO update 3, this is very funny systems can make your characters to change the color of armor or gears special and unique. 314 more words


Orrery Fight

See a rough story board version HERE!