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ESO - Auridon

Lens flare when facing the setting sun as I look at a ship I just set afire.


Elder Scrolls Update 4

Elder Scrolls Online have just announced a loyalty plan for their subscribers, which is due to start in September. YAY – free stuff! If you’ve been subscribed for three months or more, expect goodies to start flooding your way – the first being a vanity pet in the form of a High Hrothgar Wraith. 223 more words


I'm Not Really Back, But I Could Be.

It has been a long time since I’ve posted here. I apologize to everyone who has enjoyed Strumbul’s story. After my good computer fried, I went with a laptop for business purposes. 211 more words


ESO - Bonesnap Ruins

Not a shot that’s about the scenery per se, but got this shot just as we were done with Bonesnap Ruins, a public dungeon in Stormhaven. 19 more words


The First Server Festival In Retrospect

Two weeks ago, ESO Festivals hosted the first ever server-wide festival for Aldmeri faction mainly- NA server.

To plan the event, ESO Festivals found several guilds to sponsor events, donate prizes, and promote the event.   419 more words



Image Credit & Copyright: European Southern Observatory (ESO) La Silla.

At a distance of 800 light years, were fairly safe from the venomous sting of Scorpius.  257 more words


Alapvetően nem volt hideg....

…csak esős. Bár napközben többször próbált a nap kibújni, azért leginkább esős és felhős idő volt.
Reggel 16 és most este is 14.
Napközben 20