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How Armor Dyes Have Changed ESO

Elder Scrolls Online came out with armor dyes a while back, which lets you colorize your gear using dyes that you unlock through achievements.

The result has been that instead of mainly brown, gray, and black armor.. 245 more words


TIAA-CREF advisor visits campus September 25

Cameron Pettigrew, Financial Advisor with TIAA-CREF, will be on campus Thursday, September 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the ESO Conference Room. 45 more words


Stepping into the Wolf's Fangs

Silica gulped as she and Faraniel were lead down the hidden stairs of one of the local buildings into the hidden ‘building’ beneath the surface. 1,521 more words


Missing Lithium

Most of the light chemical element lithium now present in the Universe was produced along with hydrogen and helium during the Big Bang but in much smaller quantities. 152 more words


ESO - A wedding in Silvenar

The wedding between the Silvenar and the Green Lady is ceremonious, but without too much pomp. I have issues about them having to follow tradition like that. 36 more words


Caged Emotion

The two of them sat on the rooftop of the Mournhold wayshrine, overlooking the city in a somber silence.

“I think I get it now,” Argo said suddenly. 525 more words


ESO - Fighting Mannimarco


Mannimarco explains his plot while we wait to beat him up.