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Some Notes of ESO Dyes You Need Know in Update 3

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We know the Dyes system will come in ESO update 3, this is very funny systems can make your characters to change the color of armor or gears special and unique. 314 more words


Game News: ESO is getting a facelift and then some...

It looks like the guys over at Zenemax Online Studios are listening to the fans if the notes from the recent ESO Quakecon panel are anything to go by. 12 more words


My two cents about Elder Scrolls Online

It is quite apparent to me that the making of Elder Scrolls Online is yet another of the many franchise-milking schemes done these days, borne out of the success of former titles combined with a certain confidence that even an act such as this would not be enough to harm sales of future better titles. 711 more words

Wisdom & Skillfulness

Elder Scrolls Online Review

My previous experience with Elder Scrolls: I was a small-time player of Oblivion and Skyrim on the Xbox. I enjoyed watching K play them back in the day, and whenever I’d have a go on my character, K would end up telling me exactly what I should be doing because I never paid attention to the dialogue, instead studying the face of who I was speaking to or listening to the music behind it. 921 more words