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The world wide web may be fracturing into a bunch of regional internets

The World Wide Web celebrated its 25th birthday recently. Today the global network serves almost 3 billion people, and hundreds of thousands more join each day. 1,626 more words

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Over the last few months there has been a flood of reports from a host of journalists as well as me, predicting the imminent fragmentation of the Internet we have all known" an unrestricted global network.  Some, including Eric Schmidt of Google, and others have argued that it is a recent phenomenon precipitated largely by the NSA Prsim and Thinthread snooping of all Internet traffic, and perhaps also including Chinese military snooping.  On the other side of this debate, Bill Gates, Vin Cerf, and Mark Andreeson have all pooh poohed the end of the Internet as we know it, arguing that it is "too big to fail." Where have we heard that before? The reality is that the fragmentation of the Internet has been evolving for years as numerous governments attempt to prevent the Internet from undermining their power and authority, long before the NSA, GCHQ and the Chinese military began messing with the Net.  The old Internet we knew is dead, and we had better get accustomed to dealing with the NEW Internet

The Secret Team

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