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Since Spying to Benefit Monsanto Is Not Industrial Espionage, It’s Okay

One of the examples I often raise to show how our government likely uses SIGINT to advantage specific businesses is the way the government helps Monsanto budge into markets uninterested in its products. 385 more words


CIA employee’s quest to release information ‘destroyed my entire career’

The CIA seems to have serious organizational problems, quite apart from their willingness—indeed, their alacrity—to embrace the systematic use of torture for interrogation (and, presumably, punishment). 947 more words

Obama Administration

Spies are people you DON'T want to know

- they wreck lives.

Of all the categories of criminal, spies are in the top bracket along with organised crime mafias and white collar criminals. 353 more words


Turkey Summons US Chargé D’affaires To Protest Spying Claims

This article was originally published on intelNews.org

By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org

The government of Turkey has summoned the interim head of the United States diplomatic mission in the country to lodge an official protest over reports that Washington has been spying on Turkish leaders for nearly 10 years. 351 more words


Failed Nazi Spy Mission In UK ‘Was Sabotaged By German Dissidents’

This post was originally published on IntelNews

A new book authored by a German historian argues that a botched Nazi spy mission in World War II-era Britain was deliberately sabotaged by anti-Nazi intelligence officials within the ranks of the Third Reich. 487 more words


5 Espionage Myths -- The November Man

By Piper Bayard

The November Man is an espionage movie in which an ex-CIA operative is brought back by the Company for a personal mission in Moscow, only to find himself pitted against his protégé. 691 more words


Inside the Company: CIA Diary - Philip Agee (1975)


Philip Agee
‘s 1975 book, “Inside the Company: CIA Diary,” infuriated American officials by identifying about 250 officers, front companies and foreign agents working for the United States. 302 more words