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“Much like that of Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds[a] and Peyton Manning before him, Steph’s drive to perfect the complex mechanics“

NONONONONO. Don’t EVER include Barry Bonds in anything that has to do with a drive to be perfect.

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MLB Players Say Bryce Harper Is Most Overrated In Baseball

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Bryce Harper is one of the best young players in Major League Baseball. According to the players themselves, he’s not quite as good as everyone else thinks. 109 more words


Thursday, March 6th

Working on this video project for ESPN the Magazine.  Adding fonts and line graphics to slow-motion video of Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers and tracing their delivery.  I’ll post links once the videos go live. 9 more words

Graphic Design

Who's got Klout? How "social media" is changing the way athletes communicate with fans

As I was reading this article on “The Analytics Issue (03/03/2014) of ESPN The Magazine”, I was amazed at how influential and engaging some NBA players are with their fans. 173 more words

Women of Sochi, Part II

Sorry, folks. After coming across an article like this…

… you kind of of have to address it.

In the first part of this blog/rant/what have you, I discussed how the media portrayed female athletes of Sochi. 312 more words

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Out Route (via ESPN The Magazine)

He’s done. He can’t take another year. The grind of football has exhausted him, and the grind is just now starting. It’s July. He’s in the weight room of his Huntington Beach home, in a gated community only miles from the projects where he was raised.

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