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Respect - Not #Re2pect - For Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter has left the game of baseball in all the wrong ways.

The on-field product has severely slipped, the 2014 MLB Postseason was just the third time in the last 18 years that Jeter did not play October baseball, and the media send-off missed the mark. 1,834 more words


Meeting the Definition

“ESPN The Magazine” absolutely meets the definition of a magazine provided by the textbook. The textbook states that a magazine’s definition is to offer in-depth coverage of stories often of a timeless nature. 126 more words

PIC: Brian Hoyer Serving Lunch At Sokolowski's In Full Uniform

I saw this pic on Sokolowski’s Facebook page.  How Cleveland is this!

Brian Hoyer serving lunch in full uniform:

ESPN The Magazine was there doing a shoot (they are doing a full issue on Cleveland soon). 45 more words


Understanding ESPN the Magazine's Ranking of the Detroit Red Wings

Last week, ESPN the Magazine release its Ultimate Team Rankings for 2014. Missing from the top 10 were the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. Here is why this was a major failure: 1,042 more words


Divided They Stand (via ESPN The Magazine)

Ferguson, however, is not Gaza. For millions of African-Americans, it is not theoretical but personal. Professional athletes know the Ferguson dynamic too well, very likely better than most.

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ESPN the Mag or Sports Illustrated: Who Do You Trust?

The two major sports magazines in the country, Sports Illustrated and ESPN the Mag, are always vying for readership. What helps get more readers than being right? 781 more words