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SUPER evaluation

Do you always fail to acquire the elusive evaluation marks? Many JC students are unable to understand the demands of the markers when it comes to evaluation.  812 more words


The Glimpse.

“Nothing is more haunting than the unsaid.”

What’s fascinating about the unknown is that it gives you the freedom to make stuff up. Like when you’re in the dark and you get more scared of what you might imagine to be there than what’s actually there. 1,233 more words


"What is Liberal Democracy? Exploring a Problematic Term," By Paul Gottfried

This essay was authored by Paul Gottfried for Nomocracy in Politics

As a young faculty member at Rockford College forty years ago, my divisional chairman, who was a devout Straussian, once told me that a faculty colleague did not believe in “liberal democracy.” I’ve no idea how my superior arrived at this discovery, but he was clearly incensed and felt “real enmity” for people who didn’t see any difference between “liberal democracy and other forms of government.” My superior also shared with me a text he was then working on that showed definitively that Marx “rejected liberal democracy.” The strange thing is that up until the moment I listened to these harangues, I had never encountered the term “liberal democracy” and when I first heard it used (at age thirty-one), I thought it was a reference to Democrats who had endorsed George McGovern. 4,398 more words

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“Stuff” defines character the way “baggage” defines mental health.  “Stuff” has physical dimensions, unlike “baggage” in the brain.  We see, touch, purchase and long for “stuff” to be worn, displayed or used as recreation before the “stuff” is discarded, given away or stored in a bulging garage. 238 more words


Trans* Women Are Not Drag Queens — Everyday Feminism

This is a very well written post that helps anyone not overly well-acquainted with what exactly a transgender person is…and is’nt.

I always soo appreciate writers that do such yoemen’s work in helping to push the ignorance boundaries farther and farther into the seas of forgetfulness. 30 more words

Gender Issues

just because i'm writing a ginormous essay on postmodernism tonight

i wish i could just give this depthless simulacra of my latest self-representation in this media saturated period that would be effaced soon enough by the consequentialist historicism. 56 more words


The Re-birth.

This is the blog post about rediscovering the mind-swelling, hand-sweating, eye-watering passion for writing. If you didn’t read that for seriously you can leave now. SO, I took a self-doubt induced hiatus but now we’re past all of that. 265 more words