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The Ebola Chain Reaction

Reproduction Rate

The way Ebola spreads is simple: from one person to another. There’s an African animal reservoir — probably fruit bats — from which the virus finds its way into a human being once or twice a year, but from then on the virus is transmitted only through bodily fluids, not via an animal vector such as mosquitoes or fleas. 1,661 more words


a Patricide

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned!

Forgive me, Father, for I have committed a patricide!

…It was an ordinary day. It was an ordinary day except for the one fact. 181 more words


Anticlimax in Scott Pilgrim VS The Universe

In spite of the spectacular show put on by the series’ fourth installment, the fifth volume, Scott Pilgrim VS The Universe, doesn’t live up to that standard. 966 more words

Graphic Novel

Experience and Actuality: Voltaire’s Criticism of Armchair Philosophers (Part 2 of 3)

However, Pangloss’ theories are more than just the silly, faulty reasonings of a man who thinks he’s right; they’re dangerous. It is with this belief, that this is the best of all possible worlds and that all things are for the best, that… 839 more words

Robin Jeffrey

GAMBLER'S CHOICE an essay by Barrett Warner

A spirited note from Chelsey Clammer in the first part of the week included a link to her review of Dinah Lenney’s collection of essays, … 3,048 more words


The Secret Behind Success

Many of us probably hear or read stuff all the time of how important it is to be yourself, how to never fake it or try to copy anyone, how much of a valuable human being you are, because you are the only copy of you: your thoughts, your looks, your way of talking and way of representing things. 561 more words


My Original Sin ...

How much do I know is not new information or being thought currently at this present moment in some current of earth’s consciousness. How likely is it I never became involved in some form of time transcendant organization that thought outside the box and the clock. 528 more words