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A Tale of Three Old Screws.

Some months ago, a friend of mine advertised a bureau for sale. I didn’t really need another bureau, but went anyway, to “just take a look”. 824 more words


ASTRONOMY : Its impact on human psyche

                                                  Patrick Das Gupta

                                   Department of Physics & Astrophysics                                                                         University of Delhi, Delhi – 110 007  

I. Comets galore

The year 2013 appears to be annus comets.   1,657 more words


The craftsman

A few days back, my point and shoot camera that i have been using since college broke down. After contemplating whether to get it repaired or get a DSLR finally- everyone has one now but what do u need one for, you are not fond of photography-I went to a neighboring camera repair shop whose faded signboard RR Camera Repair I have been observing since I was a dangling teenager in ill fitting checked colorful shirts two sizes too large for my size but had never seen its interior till i visited it that day. 961 more words

Faith versus Trust

Many people think that faith and trust are the same thing. They’re not.

Faith is blind belief. No evidence, no proof, no reciprocation. It’s a leap. 522 more words


On `Mathematics'

Patrick Das Gupta

   Department of Physics & Astrophysics

      University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007

   E-mail: patrick@srb.org.in

With Manjul Bhargava winning the prestigious Fields Medal, Subhash Khot bagging the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize and Ashoke Sen receiving the Dirac Medal,  mathematics has become temporarily a source of  non-trivial excitement among the young, in the land  of Srinivasa Ramanujan. 1,289 more words


True Abundance

If you give a pile of money
to a dying person
in their last moments,
what good will it do them?

Give a baby
a stack of gold coins… 145 more words


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I've Got Your Gift, Right Here

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Hooray and a big pat on the back to me.  I’d like to say that gift giving is a real pleasure, a joy even this time of year…but it isn’t. 508 more words