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Why has Euroscepticism become such a predominant force since the Maastricht Treaty?

Why has Euroscepticism become such a predominant force since the Maastricht Treaty?

In recent years euroscepticism has been steadily gathering pace across Europe in both the formal and informal political arenas. 5,963 more words


Participation Medals

A friend and colleague of mine wrote an op-ed piece today for the New York Times entitled, “How the Trophy for Just Showing Up is Earned… 726 more words


Gandhi, A Saint I Do Not Envy

I could never understand the need to worship Gandhi’s ways just as much as his doings. His obsession with being a saint, without any kind of physical needs or contact, without preference to any particular individual — I just don’t get it. 439 more words

Ce-am Mai Citit

Renewing Your Gay Card

Good afternoon, Mr. Elliot,

It was brought to my attention that you would like to renew both your straight and gay cards this year? Now while that is certainly all fine and good, may I recommend merely renewing your gay card, where you will be upgraded to the Gold Level? 398 more words


Tattooed with an ending

Your paintings kept me up at night,
the walls that we tainted with our love
haunt me all the time,
they’ve been changing ever since you left… 96 more words


The Tsar Orders General Mobilization, Then Changes His Mind

A quick summary:

On 29th, Austrian troops began shelling Belgrade, just across the river Danube from Hungary. That same day, Russia began a partial mobilization of its armies, and Germany and Britain began taking military precautions: Germany began to mobilize its navy, and Britain’s navy in the North Sea went to its battle stations. 320 more words


Dark shapes

The clouds ran from the sky to the sides like the hair, leaving it bald. The white clouds give a dark silhouette to the houses and trees. 228 more words