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Wind Chimes. A Solstice Offering

image from creative commons

Winter Solstice, toward the end of the 20th century. Darkest night, coldest night, season when the days’ forced, fast rhythms dissolve into mysteries. 705 more words


The Age of Aquarius

In the year 2012,

on the 21st day,

of the 12th month,

in the 21st century,

a very thin line,

which exists between very wide spaces, 65 more words


Faith, Trust and a Long Road--Part 2

January and February were a blur of snow, ice, and bone-chilling cold, the kind of cold that makes you wear layers of wool socks in your boots, that requires scarves wrapped around your face so the skin doesn’t turn raw at the lightest hint of wind. 684 more words

On Writing: Inspiration

Here’s a brief essay I wrote for Biggest Aha Moments in Writing. It’s a great series.

The Illusion

Probably the most powerful epiphany I’ve experienced in learning to write has to do with the art of observed detail: what level of description is necessary to paint the picture. 527 more words