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Happiness Principle-conclusion / the Human Factor

Man in exercising his intellect and manual labor, is not merely filling time but validating his life. He is making useful to others. Man as a social animal in order to be happy has to connect with others. 815 more words

Benny Thomas


I haven’t posted in a while and I really don’t have an excuse. So yeah….

What’s going on in my life right now is colleges. I hate college searching. 138 more words


A short essay about the reality of dreams.

It’s 8:05 PM and I’m sitting at one of the corner tables of this popular coffee shop, pondering about my life in between coffee sips and cheesecake bites. 233 more words


What is Home? A Thankgiving Message

I used to love Thanksgiving as a kid. I remember getting together at my Aunt’s house with all of the extended family on Thanksgiving day and enjoying turkey, dressing, yams and whatever else family brought to the feast. 224 more words

Three cops and a protestor

This a somewhat stream-of-consciousness piece I wrote about my particular experience protesting in my town of St Louis. I wrote it on the Wednesday following the announcement that the grand jury opted not to indict Darren Wilson. 1,773 more words

St. Louis

The Dock

The turning of the key in the lock. The clang and scrape of metal on steel ringing out in the dark, shattering the perfect quiet. Rusty hinges announcing the intruder, betraying the stillness of the early morning. 285 more words