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You have the big package of 250 channels plus HBO and Showtime, and you’re lucky if you have time to watch a couple hours of TV a day. 76 more words

Writing Prompt

As Green as Incredible Hulk

I wrote this essay 2 years ago.

Neutral. Voiceless. Faceless. Full of unforeseen actions. Seen anywhere and anytime. This will never disappear unless we wanted to. 902 more words


When I first met them, Tony and Malcolm had recently transferred from the London office of the company we worked for to the Houston office. They didn’t know many people, so when they were invited to a party at the home of their new boss they happily accepted. 322 more words

Scripture Postcard

Censorship Essay (contest entry 2013)

Dear Darling Diary,

Censorship is the practice of suppressing parts of media to be published that are considered unacceptable to share with society. The act of censoring has been applied for many years and is well known as far back as 399 BC when Socrates was sentenced to drink poison for refusing to adhere to the imposed censorships laws of his time. 949 more words


Hugo Award 2014 Ballot

After discussing the Hugo Awards when they were originally announced, here, I feel it is incumbent upon me to be transparent about my ballot. I also feel I shouldn’t be transparent until the voting has closed, and so, I’ll be talking you through my (fiction) ballot as it was finalised on Friday… 946 more words


... but I digress

I’m still surprised at how quiet Sunday mornings in the city are, compared with the activity it usually displays. It is quite the contrast. You can tell its slow when you can walk into a Starbucks and get a seat right away! 197 more words