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NHL Trade Deadline Team Rankings

By Liam Gill

Over the past week, NHL General Managers have been busy attempting to either sell their pending free agents or preparing their teams for a run for the cup. 1,595 more words

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Oscar Picks of 2014

By Patrick Y. Lee

This year’s Oscar-nominated films are relatively refined — a definitive American tale (“12 Years a Slave), an inventive Scorsesian movie (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), and several other idiosyncratic ones (“Her”, “Gravity”, and “American Hustle”). 308 more words

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Agamemnon Review

By Sam Hodgkins-Sumner

Father sacrifices daughter to the Gods for favourable winds. Mother is none too pleased and takes a new lover in father’s absence. Father takes a demigod priestess as his war-prize. 833 more words

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