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The Obama Doctrine

The partisan attack dogs are pouncing once more. Obama foolishly admitted that no strategy is yet in place to deal with ISIS’s continued cancerous growth in what was once called Iraq. 377 more words


The End of Summer

Nobody on the road
Nobody on the beach
I feel it in the air
The summer’s out of reach
– Boys of Summer, Don Henley… 1,252 more words

True Ventures

A REQUEST with Thanks

Dear Readers, please remember this blog is both Teacher and Parent and Student friendly and if your blog does not fit all of the above categories – … 70 more words

Experiential Knowledge- Practical Experience


Oct 11, 1913


IT has been the custom for many years—probably ever since the grandchildren of Adam captured their first slave—to deplore the increasingly bad manners of the “lower classes.” During the past week a lady has published a book in which she describes the horrid effects which residence in America has upon the manners of an English servant-girl. 1,927 more words

Ones on 1: In 1991, Martin Scorsese finally scored a hit with "Cape Fear"

Ones on 1 is a monthly feature in which I write about a selected film that reached number one at the box office for precisely one weekend.
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The Problems of This World Including Coffee Machines

My coffee maker died yesterday. It was six months old. It died of the mechanical equivalent of a grand mal seizure or a massive heart attack, I’m not exactly sure which applies. 443 more words


Painting is not an additive process

It’s hard talking/writing about painting. Everything about painting is hard, except for the gifts of grace to be found there.

I’ve been struggling with how to find a way to talk about pervasive failures in painting that strike me as symptomatic of our time illuminating broader misunderstandings of what it is to be. 1,154 more words